5 Pointz Painted White Overnight After Efforts to Keep the Graffiti Mecca Open Fail


As much as activists and artists tried, they couldn’t stop it: Famed warehouse 5Pointz is being painted over. According to 5Pointz’s official Twitter, painting began last night “with police protection.”

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What purpose the whitewashing serves is unclear; plans for the luxury condos developers Jerry and David Wolkoff are constructing require the building to be completely razed. According to Gothamist, painting is still going on.

The buffing of 5Pointz comes after a protracted battle to keep the legendary hub for graffiti artists open after the Wolkoffs announced their intent to develop the land. The final stumbling block to the Wolkoff’s plans came last week, when a judge ruled he could not grant an injunction to stop the development.

Twitter has erupted in an outpouring of sadness over the destruction of a monument to the city’s vibrant street art community. Local businesses and tourists alike are mourning the passing of 5Pointz.

A last-ditch rally to stop the destruction of 5Pointz came this past weekend. The Village Voice was on scene. On the next page are some images of the rally.