Truffle Season: Take a Walk on the Wild Side with These Decadent Dinners


By all accounts, 2013 has been an amazing year for truffles so far. White truffles are streaming in from Alba in higher quality and greater quantity than we’ve seen in several years, which means they’re also cheaper than in scant years, which also tend to bring poorer specimens.

For chefs, a great truffle season (and the lower prices that come with it) offers a chance to explore new uses of the fragrant fungi, and around the city, we’re seeing special ticketed dinners popping up. Yes, they’re pricey, reserved for a moneyed few — or regular folks who are willing to blow a whole paycheck (or several paychecks, for that matter) — but since these little babies are only around through January, it’s an experience worth splurging on if you can.

Consider one relatively moderately priced dinner and one blowout event this week:

November 19, 7 p.m.: Ceretto Wine & Truffle Dinner, $125, City Winery, 155 Varick Street, 212-608-0555
Tonight City Winery will host a four-course tasting menu with truffles in every course, and they had us at course no. 1: sunchoke soup and shaved white truffle. The menu only gets more exciting from there. Each truffled course will be paired with wines from Ceretto Winery, also of Alba, for a feast that’s sure to come together beautifully to represent the land of the fungi’s provenance. Tickets are on the City Winery website.

November 22, 7 p.m.: Festa di Tartufi, $1000 (!!!), Del Posto, 85 10th Avenue, 212-497-8090
OK, OK, we know, we know: $1000 per person is crazy money. But seriously, if you’ve got an extra $2k kicking around, and you want to impress your sweetheart (or anyone else, for that matter), head to Del Posto Friday for one of the season’s most sinful dinners, care of Mario Batali. Each course will be blanketed in shaved white truffles and paired with fine Barolo, Babaresco, and other classic wines from Piedmont, and we’d bet that you’ll also get to commune with New York’s food elite.