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Steamier than Les Cousins Dangereux and more deeply wrong than even Motherboy XXX, Bluth Company Burlesque offers a bump-and-grind tribute to a wealthy family who lost everything. Peeling off clothes to keep it all together are the family’s assortment of nevernudes, hook-handed monsters, loose seals, banana peddlers, and blacklisted magicians in performances by such burly-q luminaries as Ginger Twist, Iris Explosion, Dottie Dynamo, Mae Wessed, and show organizer Vada James. Exhibitionist troublemaker and personal assistant Kitty Sanchez (Miss Poison Ivory) works clean-up. Peter Aguero and Handsome Brad emcee as George Sr. and Michael Bluth — unless one of them is really Gene Parmesan in disguise.

Sat., Nov. 23, 11 p.m., 2013

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