Glorious NYT Correction Warns Jackass Fans: “Do Not, We Repeat, Do Not” Show Up at Temple Emanu-El


This is almost funnier without context: On its City Room blog this morning, the New York Times had to emphatically warn Bad Grandpa fans not to show up at Temple Emanu-El on East 65th Street. They are not showing movies there this week, or ever.

The Forward spotted the mistake first: the address of the very famous, very old synagogue listed in the NYT‘s online movie listings as the location of a theater. Several people have apparently arrived at the synagogue and had their whole evening ruined when Thor was definitely not playing.

“He’s not one of our gods, so to speak,” Mark Heutlinger, the synagogue’s administrator, told the Forward.

Here’s a screenshot of the NYT‘s entire correction, because it just makes us so, so happy. Shabbat shalom, everyone.

Especially you, Johnny Knoxville.