Ten-Year-Old’s Fingertip Severed on Broken Public Housing Playground Slide, Says Complaint


The 10-year-old girl had played at the Mill Brook Houses’ playground before. Her friend lived at the South Bronx development and she sometimes came over to hang out during the summer.

The girl was there on the afternoon of July 10. She went down a slide and when she reached the bottom her hand was covered in blood. A protruding piece of metal had sliced off the tip of her right ring finger, according to a complaint filed Friday in Bronx Supreme Court.

The complaint, which lists the girl’s father, Johnny Rios, as the plaintiff, charges the New York City Housing Authority with “failing to inspect, repair, and/or maintain” the slide and “permitting the slide to be in a defective, unsafe, hazardous, and/or dangerous condition.”

The slide had been broken for at least “a couple of days,” claims Rios’s lawyer, Robert Wolf, citing witness statements.

Wolf explains that the metal rim along the side of the slide had been “hanging loose” in the middle. The metal’s edge caught the girl’s finger, severing it below the nail, he says. Doctors were not able to reattach the tip, Wolf adds, and the girl continues to attend therapy.