Cheap Laughs: The Best in Indie and Alt Comedy This Week – 11/27/2013


Sometimes Thanksgiving can be too much about other people’s needs, and not enough about your own. You eat Ma Mabel’s stuffing even though it tastes like mattress. You indulge Uncle Dan’s annual stump-speech for Ron Paul. You manage a migraine while meth-mouth cousin Dennis yells at the Steelers. And through it all, you endure wave upon wave of family turkey farts. Well, fret no more. We have your reward for tolerating family: the best in cheap and hilarious New York City comedy shows this week.

Wednesday, November 27th

Barely Regal
The Palace Café, 206 Nassau Ave, Greenpoint, 9 p.m. Free.
Gear up for the holiday of eating by attending a free comedy show and giving yourself a well-deserved hangover. $2 beer specials all night should help with that, as you laugh your grateful ass off in a weird non-ironic Polish elk lodge kind of a venue (seriously, it’s awesome). The hilarious Doug Smith, Gonzalo Cordova and Sachi Ezura are on the show, hosted by Natalie Shure and Lauren Vino.

Friday, November 29th

Glaser-Kaiser Permanente
The Brit Pack Theater, 153 Lafayette St., 9 p.m. Free.
Aaron Glaser (a UCB regular and in that movie Wolf of Wall Street) Lukas Kaiser (of Spike TV) will each be doing 30 minutes of comedy for free. There will also be FREE BEER until it runs out, and you can bring your own booze, which is pretty dope. One word of caution: despite (or perhaps DUE TO) these shows being held in a cool, youth hostel-y, opium den-ish Soho loft, these shows pack out. So RSVP ahead of time by emailing “RSVP GLASER-KAISER” at to avoid crushing disappointment.

Saturday, November 30th

Caught On Tape!
The Creek and the Cave, 10 p.m. Free.
Fight Turkey withdrawals at Queens’ favorite taped stand-up comedy show. Any show with a camera present is a guaranteed “sure thing,” because you can be sure comedians will be doing their very best A-grade material to show to bookers, industry and “The Man,” generally. Hilarious ex-wrestler Bob Hansen is one in particular to watch out for.

Sunday, December 1st

Stand Up And Take Your Clothes Off
The Kraine Theater, 9 p.m. $15.

Stand Up and Take Your Clothes Off is a blend of burlesque and comedy. It is also the sexiest thing possible in a week packed with mashed potatoes and Pepto Bismol. There is stand-up by Missy Baker, Kerryn Feehan and Michelle Wolf. Burlesque performances come from Divina Gransparkle, Essensce Revealed, Iris Explosion, Kitten Kent (Girl Detective) and Veronica Vroom. Yeah, their names sound better than the comedians’.

Monday, December 2nd

Frange & Stern
The Magnet Theater, 8.30 p.m. $5
These two guys–Brian Frange and Rob Stern–are both accomplished stand-ups, and also do a great line in sketches too. This show combines them both, and it’s just a great time. Will it save the world? Doubtful. Will it inspect Iran’s nuclear weapons program? Probably not. Will it entertain you for solid hour, leaving you no regrets about attending? Yes, sir, it will.

Tuesday, December 3rd

Large Naturals
Old Man Hustle, 9 p.m. Free.
This downtown venue is fast-gaining a reputation for great comedy shows. Hop on board the bandwagon now so you can say you were there before it all blew up. Like at Woodstock, or the McCarthy hearings. Hosts Ashley Bez and Christy Coffey present a rock-solid-alt-weirdo comedy bill featuring Amber Nelson, Emily Fleming, Joe Rumrill, Charles Gould, Tony Zaret, and Tynan DeLong.

Tom Cowell is a comedian.

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