In December 2012, this paper put Brooklyn indie-punk duo Hunters on the cover and declared the group was bringing “scuzzy collision rock back to Brooklyn.” In the story, former Smashing Pumpkins member and Hunters buddy James Iha recalled the first time he saw the prickly pair: “They went off like an explosion in the corner 
of the room.” That show was at a small Chinatown art gallery. Tonight, they play Glasslands, which is bigger than an art 
gallery but still small enough to feel the group’s sonic aftershocks. Earlier this year, Hunters released their self-titled debut, which contains 10 catchy post-art-rock cuts that recall the frenzy of similarly indie-minded co-ed groups like Sonic Youth and X. With Audacity and Big Ups.

Sat., Nov. 30, 8 p.m., 2013