Thanksgiving Travel Forecast: Flooded Streets and Flight Delays


Wednesday, November 27 is one of nine days this year in hellish enough, traffic-wise, to earn the distinction of appearing on the Department of Transportation’s Holiday Gridlock Alert list. That determination is made months in advance, just by looking at the calendar.

Road, rail, and air traffic was always going to be bad on Wednesday, but it’s going be be significantly worse than expected due to a particularly poor timed low-pressure weather system sweeping into town.

Early Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service issued a flood watch for New York City. The advisory, which covers northeast New Jersey and southeast New York, will remain in effect until 4 p.m. Meteorologists expect heavy rain — two to three inches in most places, and four inches in pockets north and west of the city — with potential flooding in low-lying regions, and areas with poor drainage. (The forecast is oddly poetic: “MANY SMALL STREAMS WILL APPROACH BANK FULL…AND SOME MAY EXPERIENCE MINOR FLOODING.”)

The National Weather Service will be updating with more information throughout the day.


On “Holiday Gridlock Alert” days the city’s Department of Transportation strongly advises taking advantage of mass transit system, so expect stations and subway cars to be more crowded than usual.

Delays were reported on several lines Wednesday morning, including the Northbound 6, the B, Q, J, A, and S lines.

Check the MTA for updated information throughout the day.


Flooding is expected on roadways.


Early Wednesday, inbound flights to LaGuardia were delayed 59 minutes on average due to wind. Keep availed of the delays throughout the day:

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