Get Your Black Friday Game Face On With This Coffee Cocktail from Amor y Amargo


If you’re a Black Friday shopper, there’s a good chance you’ll need a drink to combat both the postprandial indigestion and the hours of waiting before whichever shopping destination you’ve planted yourself in front of decides to open its doors. While you won’t be impervious to trampling (the nation’s new favorite Turkey Day Weekend tradition), you can sip this Black Friday tipple confident that this year, you may just have a fighting chance to fight for a chance to buy your family’s love.

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In search of a drink that would settle stomachs while providing a jolt of caffeine to keep imbibers alert, we looked to Amor y Amargo (443 East 6th Street; 212-614-6818) bartender Sother Teague, who has been running a weekend coffee cocktail program called Double Buzz out of the East Village bar and cocktail shop along with with Natalie Czech, head barista at Maialino (2 Lexington Avenue; 212-777-2410). To celebrate autumn and keep things festive, Teague and Czech offered up “The Great Pumpkin,” a hot cocktail big on warming spices to combat the coming chill.

Explains Teague: “We wanted to do something seasonal and also play with the idea that everything is ‘pumpkin spice’ this time of year. We chose ingredients that have a lot of spice to them, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, all things that are delicious and warming. Even the coffee used for this drink, Counter Culture’s Baroida, is spicy and sweet.”

Pour three or four of these into your Thermos and the prospect of charging through herds of raging Tiger Moms, Lion Dads, and Panther Aunts might almost seem like a good idea. Should you choose to submit yourself to such madness, we salute you. Shop safely.

The Great Pumpkin

4 oz. freshly-brewed Baroida coffee
1/2 oz Jelínek Fernet
1/2 oz. spiced rum
1/2 oz. Meletti
2 dashes Jerry Thomas decanter bitters
orange twist

Stir booze with hot coffee, top with an orange twist.

Double Buzz features Counter Culture coffee exclusively, but in the event that you can’t source the ginger and allspice-leaning Baroida coffee from Papua, New Guinea, Teague recommends having “a quick chat with your roaster or purveyor” to find beans that exhibit those spice notes.