Nothing Says ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’ like a Walmart Brawl


Brian Spain was looking forward to taking advantage of some Black Friday deals while visiting his parents in his hometown of Elkin, North Carolina for Thanksgiving. On Thursday morning, the New York-based writer/actor/comedian vlogged about camping out in the local Dollar Tree parking lot to be first in line.

Spain was joking in that first video, but a second one he posted a few hours later, after the Thanksgiving “festivities” commenced at a local Walmart, shows just how serious folks take their doorbuster deals. The 49 second clip is more like Discovery Channel footage of animals fighting in the wild than the light-hearted vlogs Spain usually shares on YouTube.

Spain tells the Voice he originally went in to ask shoppers how they felt about Walmart employees having to work on the holiday, around 8 p.m. on Thursday evening. “This happened as I was filming, and at the end of the video you can hear the employee tell me that I cannot film. So I stopped, and explained to him that I was filming that guy attacking people, and that he should see it. He said he didn’t care, there was no filming in the store. I repeated the guy attacked someone so the employee said if I was going to film, I had to leave or be arrested for trespassing. I chose to leave, and he escorted me out.”

He says he couldn’t get a good look at exactly what caused the melee, but it appears to be a television. “I grew up in Elkin, NC and this is one of the nicest towns in NC. Another reason I was so shocked this had happened. About 2 minutes prior in this video I actually said that this was so much better organized and more polite than New York. haha Ironic? Yes!”

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