[PHOTOS] Inside the Truffle Transaction, in this Week’s Village Voice


In this week’s Village Voice, we follow Elodie Persehaie, the sales and marketing manager for Gourmet Attitude, a local truffle importer, into the bowels of the Peninsula Hotel to see how she sells her funky fruits to chefs.

Then we chat with Celine Labaune, Gourmet Attitude’s founder and the nose behind some of the best truffles in town (nay, the world) to get the back story on these forbidden fruit and the hard-as-nails market they move through.

Her answer? It all boils down to trust; in the truffle business, working with untrustworthy people is a great way to get scammed. And sensory experience: A truffle ain’t a truffle with any other scent.

Get the full story — “Forbidden Fruit: NYC’s Truffle Merchants Sell Their Exotic Wares Door-to-Door” — online, or grab a copy out on the street.

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