Banksy Copycat Wants You to Buy Black Friday Stencils in SoHo


Wait, it’s a Banksy? No? Yeah, no. A tipster sent us photos of a booth in SoHo showing stencils made in the characteristic Banksy style. There’s little else to suggest it’s the British rapscallion, but journalistic due diligence demands we publish the photos and speculate wildly about them. What say you, inquiring public?

One table carries signs alluding to Banksy’s stand beside Central Park that made three passersby very, very rich. The other taunts Black Friday shoppers with “NO ART FOR SALE.” LOL!

“The last few days I have seen a table set up in SoHo while I was shopping,” explained our tipster. The chances this has anything to do with Banksy are next to nil. More likely it’s some copycat snarking about Black Friday just like everybody else.