Mulberry & Vine’s Soup, Our Cheap Eat of the Day


Soup from Mulberry & Vine (73 Warren Street, 212-791-6300), $5.50

Need a little relief from a holiday season of indulgent eating? Head down to TriBeCa for a cleansing cup of soup.

You’ve got just under one month until you have to make your commitment to eating healthy (an annual event, in our case, that often dies as early as January 1 when we’re looking for ways to quell a hangover), and December comes full of opportunities for overdoing it at the dinner table. If you find yourself looking for a little mid-month relief (perhaps after a truffle feast?), consider TriBeCa’s Mullberry & Vine. This fast casual restaurant proclaims its position against dieting in stenciled letters on its walls, recommending diners embrace good food instead. That could come off as preachy — but the food is compelling support for the argument. You could get stuffed on three sides for $12 or $13 (choose from myriad options that include bright salads sown through with spice, enchiladas, and a seasonal curry), but if you’re short on cash, stick to the soup, a cup of which, sided with bread, is $5.50. The rotating menu changes daily; we’re partial to the tart-piquant African tomato curry bobbing with peanuts.

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