Suspected Gunman at the University of New Haven In Custody [UPDATE]


Update, 5:20 p.m.: The University of New Haven has lifted the lockdown after police completed their search of campus.

Update, 3:22 p.m.: NBC Connecticut reports that the suspect is a University of New Haven student, and that he was carrying two handguns in addition to a rifle. The Voice‘s request for comment from West Haven Police was not immediately returned.

Update, 2:40 p.m.: Afternoon classes have been cancelled. The university press office confirmed to the Village Voice that it is unclear how much longer the building-by-building search will continue.

Original item: A suspected gunman at the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut has been taken into custody after sightings on the university’s south campus.

The university tweeted out a warning to shelter in place just before 1 p.m. At 1:20 p.m., a follow-up tweet indicated the suspect was in custody. The university’s website described the suspect as an Asian male “with what appears to be a rifle.

This is the second gunman scare on a University campus in as many weeks, both on Connecticut campuses. An anonymous caller at Yale University in neighboring New Haven claimed a gunman was roaming the campus while students were on Thanksgiving break. No gunman was found.

Police are conducting a building-by-building search, but the shelter advisory remains in effect. We will update as the situation develops.