The members of NYC’s DIIV named themselves after the Nirvana track “Dive,” but there’s hardly anything grungy about their dreamy, fuzzy take on indie rock. It’s a seductive sound that swirls about at concerts without sounding sleepy. Technically, the group’s appearance at Rough Trade is still in support of its 2012 debut, the echo-laden Oshin (another misspelled water reference to match their name), but DIIV are reportedly working on a follow-up. Frontman Zachary Cole Smith has said he has 40 to 50 new songs as of June, and about the next record’s direction, he told Pitchfork, “I really want to make a record about the current state of guitar bands. I feel like there really aren’t people in indie rock right now, there’s just all these faceless bands that live in clichés.” Tonight, he’ll have to show how DIIV swim against the current.

Sat., Dec. 7, 9 p.m., 2013