Natalia Lafourcade


In the last ten years Natalia Lafourcade’s sound has evolved from the energetic mix of bossa nova guitars and lite-house beats of her self-titled 2003 debut to 2009’s Hu Hu Hu, which often sounds like a more cheerful, less weird version of CocoRosie, with some Juana Molina and Julieta Venegas thrown in for good measure. Looming largest over this transition is the figure of Björk, whose early work flaunts an effervescent versatility and cosmopolitanism that lies close to Lafourcade’s own heart. But unlike Björk, Lafourcade’s sonic experimentation is always subjugated by her pop sensibilities, which means the music never challenges more than it pleases. 2012’s Mujer Divina, a star-studded tribute to the classic Mexican composer Augustín Lara, dials back the experimentation a bit, but confirms that the 29 year-old cantautora will be a leading exponent of Pop Latino for years to come.

Thu., Dec. 12, 9 p.m., 2013