Eye Candy From Joe & Misses Doe


For this week’s review, Zachary Feldman checked in on Joe & Misses Doe (45 East 1st Street, 212-780-0262), the East Village rebrand of Joe Dobias’ JoeDoe, undertaken with the proprietor’s new wife and partner Jill Schulster. “This shift in tone is as much a response to brunch’s popularity as it is a reflection of Dobias and Schulster as business and life partners,” Feldman writes. “The pair plan to reopen JoeDoe at a later date, but for now, this is very much a natural transformation. Other couples will have shaky GoPro footage of manatees to remember their honeymoons; these two will have dish sketches and health department letter grades.”

Feast your eyes on a few of the dishes courtesy photographer Bradley Hawks, and go read Feldman’s full review of the new-old spot.