The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 12/6/13


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Friday, 12/6:

A$AP Ferg + Joey Fatts+ Aston Matthews+Overdoz+100s
Irving Plaza
7:00 p.m., $20
“It’s lonely at the top,” confesses A$AP Ferg at one point on his debut album, Trap Lord. “All this shrimp, and nobody to share it with.” Tonight, the 25-year-old Harlem rapper will have to share some of his shellfish as he celebrates what’s turned out to be an eventful year for the A$AP Mob member. After months-long delays, he finally released darkly moody Trap Lord in August to mostly positive reviews — thanks in part to the single “Shabba,” featuring A$AP Rocky — and it reached the Top 10 on the Billboard chart. The album finds Ferg rapping about everything from “Jesus juice” to the relatively depressing refrain “All I know is pain/Surviving on my own.” But it must have come full circle now that Ferg is wrapping up his first headlining tour. So, who’s up for some shrimp? With 100s, A$AP Mob, Aston Matthews, Joey Fatts, and Overdoz. — By Kory Grow

Carnegie Hall
10:00 p.m., $38-$44
Among the many turban-sporting Tuareg guitarists to boogie their way out of the Sahara in recent years, no one plays a badder ax than Omara “Bombino” Moctar. More expressive and nuanced, and a little younger, than his desert brethren, Bombino fronts a trio that’s less about clapping and ululation and more about wailing in a heady Hooker-meets-Hendrix vein. — By Richard Gehr

Smokey’s Secret Family
10:00 p.m., $10
The guitarist has shelved the Western Swing he holds dear and jumped into a mélange of Cuba and Africa that has an earthy strut and plenty of forward motion. From buttoned down cha-cha variations to frothy Caribbean rumba, this crew has a way of sending soloists into the stratosphere. Last time I caught ’em reed player Doug Wieselman was somewhere past Pluto, fueled by the two hand percussionists. Need an instant party? — By Jim Macnie

Saturday, 12/7:

Stage 48
7:30 p.m., $20
With Ween done, Mickey Melchiondo has revived longtime outfit Moistboyz, the lewd ‘n’ crude punk bar band he shares with a dude even more brain-fried than Gene Ween. Dickie Moist first teamed with Mickey to hatch the grosstastic Moistboyz in the early 90’s. Bulging with Dickie’s Iggy-cum-Gibby Haynes histrionics, he may be rock’s best and most volatile punk frontman you’ve never heard of. On the new hook-dripping 5, Dickie gets all un-PC on your ass, hurling tasteless cracks, cuss filled tirades, and women-hating exploits while Mickey lets loose on the boogie ‘n’ chug shreddage. Forget Ween: Moistboyz prove one fuckin’ offensive, beer-guzzling, sex-stained good ol’ time. — By Brad Cohan

‘Scissor and Thread’ w/ DJ Sprinkles + Pawell + Francis Harris + Signal Flow + Pattern Drama
10:00 p.m., $20
When it was released in 2009, DJ Sprinkles’ Midtown 120 Blues was a sharp-tongued rebuke of house music tropes from one of the genre’s most politically outspoken and creative producers. Amidst the emergence of sexless, watered-down down deep house in 2013, Sprinkles’ commitment to subtlety, simplicity, and the communal possibilities of what she calls a “hyperspecific” house music is more relevant than ever. Catch a master who is only recently renewing their DJing presence in New York. — By Aaron Gonsher

Saturday, 12/7:

Diiv + Black Marble + Butter the Children
Rough Trade NYC
9:00 p.m., $15
The members of NYC’s DIIV named themselves after the Nirvana track “Dive,” but there’s hardly anything grungy about their dreamy, fuzzy take on indie rock. It’s a seductive sound that swirls about at concerts without sounding sleepy. Technically, the group’s appearance at Rough Trade is still in support of its 2012 debut, the echo-laden Oshin (another misspelled water reference to match their name), but DIIV are reportedly working on a follow-up. Frontman Zachary Cole Smith has said he has 40 to 50 new songs as of June, and about the next record’s direction, he told Pitchfork, “I really want to make a record about the current state of guitar bands. I feel like there really aren’t people in indie rock right now, there’s just all these faceless bands that live in clichés.” Tonight, he’ll have to show how DIIV swim against the current. — By Kory Grow

‘Sound, the Encounter: New Music From Iran and Syria’
Asia Society
8:00 p.m., $30
Modern jazz, Persian modes, and Sufi trance music blend into a cosmopolitan fantasia when Syrian saxophonist Basel Rajoub meets the Iranian father-son duo consisting of dancer-bagpiper Saied Shanbezadeh and his percussionist son Naghib. Rajoub cackles and cascades as Saied blows his ney-ban pipes and displays high-stepping dance moves. Naghib, meanwhile, manages to hold it all together. — By Richard Gehr

Machinedrum + Om Unit + Nick Hook + Body Language + Angelica Bass
Music Hall of Williamsburg
9:00 p.m., $18/$20
Travis Stewart, a/k/a Machinedrum, has been making electronic music since he was thirteen years old. However, this summer was arguably his peak, as Stewart contributed a swaggering Essential Mix to BBC Radio One and released Vapor City, a critically-acclaimed LP based on dreams of an imaginary urban environment. Stewart recently moved back to New York, and this will one of the few Vapor City live shows stateside, featuring Stewart on guitar and vocals. — By Aaron Gonsher

Rez Abbasi Quartet
Cornelia Street Cafe
9:00 p.m. & 10:30 p.m., $10
Lyricism threads through the wily guitarist’s work, even when he’s in slash-and-burn mode. It’s a duality that gives his music depth, especially when he’s conjuring elements of his Pakistani heritage. As a bandleader he consistently tinkers with his sound, and this new outfit with bassist Stephan Crump, drummer Tyshawn Sorey, and saxophonist Mark Shim should provide endless agility. — By Jim Macnie

Sunday, 12/8:

Ricky Martin + Carlos Vives + Ricardo Montaner
Nassau Coliseum
7:00 p.m., $25-$103
Don’t sleep on La Mega: According to the July Arbitron ratings, the radio station averages 2.6 million listeners a week. And while New York leader Lite FM averages 2.6 million more, La Mega topped it (and every other station) in that coveted 18-to-34 demographic. Though they don’t throw a party as good as Hot 97 (whose Summer Jam rules June) or Z100 (whose Jingle Ball highlights the holiday season), they still hold their own. Where this year’s Megaton Mundial brought Chris Brown and Enrique to the Barclays Center, tonight brings Ricky Martin, Carlos Vives, and Ricardo Montaner to the Nassau Coliseum in celebration of the station’s 30th year on the air. With Franco de Vito and Ednita Nazario. — By Nick Murray

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