Pequeña’s Chilaquiles Verdes, Our Cheap Eat of the Day


Chilaquiles verdes from Pequeña (86 South Portland Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-643-0000), $8

Hit this duo of Mexican restaurants during the daytime hours, and you’ll find a number of cheap items — and the chilaquiles are excellent.

While dinner is affordable at this Mexican restaurant with outposts in both Fort Greene and Prospect Heights, it’s during lunch and brunch (which was also served on weekdays when we stopped by last week) that it becomes truly cheap. Then, everything on the menu costs less than 10 bucks, and you get free chips and salsa plus a side of rice and beans with a number of the entrees. Those belly-stuffing accoutrements don’t come alongside the chilaquiles, but you won’t need them — the platter is large, that even if you’re starving (we were), it’s going to take considerable effort to polish off the lot (we triumphed, but then we had to take a nap). Freshly fried tortilla triangles are smothered in tangy salsa verde kissed with heat, stretchy white cheddar, and a dusting of tomatoes, cilantro, and queso fresco. This may be the only time we’ve ever recommended against the $2.50 two-egg supplement: You don’t need the extra food, and our eggs, which came out over-medium, merely distracted from the superior part of the dish. Bonus: Margaritas are $5 from noon to 7 p.m., so if you’re looking for a place to spend a lazy afternoon off, you might want to heed that siren song.

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Restaurants open at a dizzying pace in New York City, and keeping up with what’s hot takes some serious cash. If you — like us — need the occasional reprieve from a food-forward spending spree, you’re likely always on the lookout for cheap eats of high quality. In this space each day, we’ll highlight a tasty dish that rings in for less than $10, spotlighting places worth checking out when you’d like to get full while giving your wallet a break. Know of a great affordable bite? Email us.