Bavaria Bierhaus: A New German Beer Hall on Stone Street


Over the last decade, Noel McDermott has watched cobblestone-covered Stone Street grow from a silent stretch of Financial District landscape into a busy strip of restaurants and bars popular with the Wall Street afterwork crowd. “Over the last ten years, it’s gone from a ghost town to a really vibrant, busy street,” he marvels. “Ten years ago, there was nobody down here.”

The Irishman has been part of the transformation — he owns two restaurants on the block, Beckett’s and the Dubliner. Now, he and his partners (David Massey, Ronan Downs, and Eamon Massey) will add a third to their portfolio: Bavaria Bierhaus (19 South William Street with entrance on Stone Street, 212-480-8142) makes its official debut Monday on the heels of a weekend-long soft opening, bringing German food and beer to an increasingly diversified mix of spots.

“Down in this area, there are no German restaurants,” he explains of the group’s decision to move ahead with the Bavarian concept. “But maybe there are enough Irish bars. There’s Mexican food, Swedish food, and a smokehouse, but this is pretty unusual. So it adds new features to the street.”

The team brought on chef John Vaughn to install a traditional German menu littered with dishes like pretzels, schnitzel, and spaetzle, though McDermott also says the kitchen will serve dishes for those looking for more traditional pub fare — like a burger, for instance. German beer fiends will find plenty to love, too — Bavaria boasts two bars in the bi-level space, which will pour 24 German beers on draft.

McDermott and his crew have tried to preserve authenticity in the decor: “The bar was built in Germany and shipped over to us in sections,” he explains. Staff will don traditional German costumes, and McDermott says the bar will play European soccer games as we head into the World Cup.

And like all of the restaurants on Stone Street, Bavaria Bierhaus will have outdoor street seating come summer, adding one more reason to head that way after a long day at the office.

Bavaria Bierhaus will be open for lunch and dinner daily come Monday.