Artichoke Basille’s Artichoke Slice, Our Cheap Eat of the Day


Artichoke slice from Artichoke Basille’s (multiple locations), $4.50

Cheap slice joints may be ubiquitous in NYC, but this one will get you full — really full — for less than $5.

Slice joints are perhaps NYC’s most tried and true way to eat cheap, though you’re often getting what you pay for with that $1 slice — a piece of cardboard topped with crusty tomato sauce and congealed cheese. There are exceptions, of course, but if you want to get really full — like food-coma full — for under $5, a good bet is this mini-chain with outlets all over the city (and attention, travelers: One of those locations is in Terminal C at LaGuardia). The artichoke slice comes loaded with stuff that might hasten the clogging of your arteries — cream sauce, tons of cheese, artichoke hearts, and spinach fill out the ingredients list. It’s also hefty enough to really fulfill your needs for two meals — or steel your stomach for a raucous night out, if that’s what you’re on your way to.

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Restaurants open at a dizzying pace in New York City, and keeping up with what’s hot takes some serious cash. If you — like us — need the occasional reprieve from a food-forward spending spree, you’re likely always on the lookout for cheap eats of high quality. In this space each day, we’ll highlight a tasty dish that rings in for less than $10, spotlighting places worth checking out when you’d like to get full while giving your wallet a break. Know of a great affordable bite? Email us.