The Village Voice’s 2013 New York News Quiz


No, it’s not just you; 2013 was strange. Every year in New York is a little weird, of course, but 2013 had a special frisson to it. Maybe it’s because the world was supposed to end in 2012, and yet we’re all still here, kicking around. Maybe it was all the election-year madness: a Communist Socialist Trotskyite elected mayor. A failed candidate chased through a McDonald’s by the young woman he’d been sexting. A citywide debate over adorable baby animals on the subway tracks, and whether they should die. Whatever the reasons, it was a little odd, but we all got through it. Celebrate by testing your knowledge and the limits of your short-term memory. Here’s our quiz, celebrating this wild and wonderful year in New York news. Accept the challenge, and you could win a fabulous prize made up entirely of crap we’ve got sitting around the office.

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