Two New Years-Appropriate Cocktail Recipes


In celebration of the New Year, Eve Turow examines the traditions of celebratory drinking with a handful of this city’s top bartenders. While Champagne hogs the spotlight come midnight on January 1, there are many other drinks suitable for the festivities. Here, she shares two cocktail recipes that come from Dutch Kill’s Sarah Morrissey and The Dead Rabbit’s Jack McGarry.

Take a look, and then head on over to her full story, which includes two more recipes.

Morning Glory Fizz
by Sarah Morrissey at Dutch Kills

1 egg white
3/4 ounce lemon juice
3/4 ounce simple syrup
2 ounces scotch
Club soda
Absinthe rinse
Rinse your glass with absinthe. Add all other in- gredients except club soda into shaker. Shake without ice and then with ice, strain, and serve in a fizz glass. Wait one minute for the drink to settle, then top with club soda.

Punch a la Taylor
by Jack McGarry at The Dead Rabbit

Zest of 8 clementines
Zest of 8 lemons
200 milliliters fresh lemon juice
200 milliliters fresh clementine juice
200 milligrams Turbinado sugar
1 ounce Tamarind Nectar
2 ounces Suze Gentiane
750 milliliters Redbreast 12 Year Old
15 dashes DR Orinoco bitters
10 dashes Eucalyptus tincture
750 milliliters Assam tea
In a mixing bowl, pulverize the zest of the clementine amd lemon into the sugar until all the oils have been extracted. Add the remaining ingredients and stir until all sugar has been dissolved. Strain out the zest and punch is fit for use. Finish with freshly grated nutmeg.