How Are Voters Feeling About Anthony Weiner’s Latest Comeback Bid?


On Thursday, apropos of nothing, as far as we can tell, disgraced congressman-turned-disgraced mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner answered the question no one has asked in months: what’s next for Anthony Weiner?

In a lengthy Facebook statement, Weiner suggested he wasn’t quite ready to fade into obscurity, but he played coy. “What’s next?” Weiner asked. “I’ll keep you posted on my plans. But I hope we keep the band together.”

How did “the band” feel about the prospect of another Weiner campaign? We tallied up the reactions in the comments section to gauge Anthony Weiner’s Facebook fans’ interest in an Anthony Weiner comeback.

Here’s what we found:

2% Want to Unsubscribe from the Anthony Weiner Facebook page

3% Were apathetic about Anthony Weiner

4% Want Anthony Weiner to run for office again

5% Want Anthony Weiner to go away

5% Were disappointed in Anthony Weiner

9% Insulted Anthony Weiner

3% Insulted Bill de Blasio

11% Ridiculed Anthony Weiner

10% Had some advice for Anthony Weiner

14% Wished Anthony Weiner well

18% Supported Anthony Weiner

16% Were none of the above