Num Pang’s Sandwich and Soup, Our Cheap Eat of the Day


Roasted cauliflower sandwich and curry red lentil soup from Num Pang (multiple locations), $7.50 and $5.75

New York’s Cambodian sandwich shop has blossomed into a mini-chain — which means you can fill up on tasty fare for cheap all over the city.

What started as a Union Square take-out joint has blossomed into five-location local chain, testament to the novelty (and deliciousness) of the Cambodian sandwich upon which Num Pang is built. Most of the menu rings in under 10 bucks, but we’ve got a couple of perennial favorites to which we return over and over. The first is the roasted cauliflower sandwich, a mash-up of the vegetable plus a tangy Chinese-Thai eggplant spread and vibrant chili-soy sauce on a crusty baguette. The second is the curry red lentil soup, a soulful, earthy stew that’s intricately layered with heat. We’d pair either to a blood orange lemonade (unless we were at the Flatiron location, which serves beer).

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