Jon B


Back in 1995, you were likely to hear “Someone to Love” on urban radio before you saw the music video on BET or MTV Jams. As a result, you’d probably assume it was just another Babyface song — and a slammin’ one at that — but then you’d see the video, and your jaw would drop. This wasn’t Color Me Badd or Vanilla Ice or Snow; this was a white boy with true soul, a white boy that was instantly the crush of the 9th grade girls, all black and/or latina. It crushed your heart. Your moms and sister were feeling him too. But you still loved Jon B because he had too much soul to hate on. Songs like “Pretty Girl,” “Are U Still Down?,” and “Don’t Say” (with Sanaa Lathan in the video!) followed, and chinstrap goatees and fades became the norm for all the pretty-boys with straight-ish hair. That was not you, but you loved the music all the same. You lost touch with Mr. B in the 2000s, but word is, he’s touring again, so you decide to go pay homage. U are still down.

Thu., Jan. 2, 8 p.m., 2014