SNOW DAY: Here’s How Your Fellow New Yorkers are Handling “Hercules”


HURRAY, IT’S SNOWING. In case you’ve just woken up and get all your news about the outside world from a computer screen: it snowed a lot last night, and it’s seriously cold right now. Tessa already covered the important stuff for you early this morning: schools are closed, some roads are closed, your train might be a bit delayed, and a line of yetis have been seen advancing up the West Side Highway. Around 8 a.m., it was eleven degrees here in New York, the same as our neighbors in Fairbanks, Alaska.

But the real question is not just what the weather is doing, but how New Yorkers are responding. The answer: taking pictures, complaining, watching Bill de Blasio shovel his front walk, and smoking weed in the great outdoors.

The first question, actually, is what New Yorkers are calling the storm. Should we bow to the Weather Channel and call the thing “Hercules,” which is what they’ve named the storm, in their continuing effort to boost ratings “communicate severe weather information”? The consensus is that no, no we should not:

Excellent point. Maybe just say “the storm.” Everyone will know what you’re talking about. Moving on.

Much of the press corp spent their morning out at Bill de Blasio’s house in Park Slope, watching him shovel snow:

The consensus is that he has terrible form, but only because he’s freakishly tall. Bend your knees, sir. (For those of you wondering why Dante isn’t shoveling snow, despite his mom’s threat that he’d have to, Robin also reports that Dante does the walkway and his dad does the sidwalk.)

But what are the city’s non-mayoral residents doing? Photographing their confused, outraged cats, of course:

Enjoying a very quiet commute:

Trudging heroically towards the office:

Gazing upon some white-dusted balls:

Not going to the beach, apparently:

Great work, everyone.