Raze Is a Grim Tale of Female Fights to the Death — for Sport


Girl fight! If that phrase makes your pulse quicken, Raze may be the movie for you. Or, it may cure you forever of the desire to see women growl, bite, and brawl.

Sabrina (played by Zoë Bell; read our interview with her) has been kidnapped, awakening in a barren cell, only to be thrown into a gladiator pit alongside another young woman.

If Sabrina doesn’t use her handy-dandy kick-fighting skills to slay her opponent, her daughter will be killed. Sabrina is one of 50 women who are being forced to fight one another to the death, all for the amusement of rich patrons watching via a live video feed.

The stark prison Sabrina and a half dozen final contestants inhabit make the torture chambers of Hostel look inviting, but to their credit (perhaps), screenwriter Robert Beaucage and director Josh Waller never sugarcoat their grim tale.

Instead, they embrace the bleak, sending a steady stream of buxom combatants into the pit to bash each other’s skulls in with their bare fists. Lest the face-caving grow monotonous, the filmmakers toss in a few strangulations, and oh, yes, one woman is forced to choke to death on sand from the pit floor.

Some fun, right?