Trade Your Holiday Starbucks for Tonx Bucks


For those of you who received Starbucks gift cards this past holiday (how thoughtful! how unique!) but prefer to make your coffee at home rather than step through icy ponds at every street crossing to caffeinate, you have an alternative.

Tonx, an online roasted coffee bean delivery service, is offering dollar-for-dollar credit on the remaining value of Starbucks gift cards to be used towards Tonx coffee subscriptions. You’ll need to open the Tonx website, enter the gift card number and pin, then choose between a six-ounce bag subscription or the standard 12-ounce bag; you’ll get coffee shipped to you every other week. The latter is $19 per shipment (this includes the cost of shipping), and 12 ounces makes about 24 cups of coffee. Try getting that value from the crowned mermaid — in fact, try getting that value from any retail store or café.

The team behind Tonx has experience at Intelligentsia, Stumptown, Ritual, and other noted coffee roasting companies, and the group sources and roasts coffee from all over the world. It doesn’t yet offer blends, so you’ll be reveling in the nuances of origin rather than corporate consistency. And don’t ask if they offer grinds instead of beans; you should know the answer (no).