10 Weekend Ideas Under $10: Ben Stiller, No Pants Subway Ride, Golden Globes at Videology


Whether your choice of poison is coffee, 5-Hour Energy drinks, or Redbull and vodka, we recommend that you down a couple soon. The fun-filled weekend begins this evening at 6 sharp, unless you’re planning to miss everything that is absolutely enjoyable. If that’s the case, you should leave New York City immediately.


[art] Through his work, artist David Dupuis taps into a surreal, dreamlike world where nothing is as it should be. His new solo exhibition at Derek Eller Gallery includes evocative, eerie imagery: Take, for instance, his rendering of a human heart with an upside-down face inside of it and the words “Fuck You Up” scrawled above, or a single eye with teardrops floating onto an ocean (created using brightly colored pencils, graphite, and collage). Expect to be haunted long after you’ve left the gallery.

Opening reception at 6 p.m., Derek Eller Gallery, free.

[Lit] Satire is a risky proposition. Courting dark or political themes without stumbling into bad taste is a master’s art. But there are those who have built entire bodies of work around the form, two of whom might humor us with their thoughts on the matter tonight. There’s author George Saunders, whose writing elaborates the evils of consumerism and the motivations of genocide while still getting laughs. Then there’s actor and funny man Ben Stiller, star of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty — based on the 1939 James Thurber short story of the same title — who made a name for himself with his bleak comic style. Both Saunders and Stiller are be on hand tonight at McNally Jackson to talk about their careers as humorists, a conversation supplemented with clips from Stiller’s film, readings of Saunders’s work, and an audience Q&A. Go check it out, is our modest proposal.

At 7 p.m., McNally Jackson, free.

[Lit] What goes well with a good book? A good, strong drink! Celebrate the paperback release of Rosie Schaap’s memoir, Drinking with Men, with bar-themed stories and poems from Wyn Cooper (Postcards from the Interior, Chaos Is the New Calm), Jeff Gordinier (X Saves the World, Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage), Blaise Allysen Kearsley (The How I Learned series), and Katherine Lanpher (Leap Year).

At 7 p.m. Housing Works Bookstore, free.

[Art] #Tonight’s art show features 16 emerging artists with #incredible work. “#SELLOUT” seems to be all about self-promotion, in the best possible sense, of course. The opening reception promises to be “a night of cocktails and debauchery,” while showcasing art work “in true #SELLOUT form” along with many exciting surprises in store. Don’t forget to tweet! (As if you would).

Opening reception at 8 p.m., Reverse, Brooklyn, free.


[Class] We’re always in search of better ways to protect ourselves against physical crimes, and Traditional Okinawan Karate seems to be looking out for us, too. Today, at its Free Women’s Self-Defense class, learn practical, effective techniques to get yourself out of a violent altercation, as well as participate in facilitated discussion about how to reduce your chances of being in that position in the first place. Per the description, the class is “free, open to the public, trans-inclusive, and always taught by women.”

At 5 p.m., Traditional Okinawan Karate, Brooklyn, free.

[Art] Argentine-born, Brooklyn-based artist Ramiro Davaro-Comas bases much of his work on character studies and depictions. Today’s exhibition, “Imaginationland” is a wild and colorful series that brings an intimate look into the mind of a traveling artist who escapes reality through his work. The first 25 people to arrive receive a free one-of-a-kind 5×7 print. Along with the exhibit, Davaro-Comas also debuts Imaginationland, a 40-page, full-color book that contains a selection of the work created during this one-year period.

At 6 p.m., Littlefield, Brooklyn, free.

[Art] Come enjoy an eye-opening and enriching experience at tonight’s NYC Pop Up Exhibition featuring painting, printmaking, ceramic, photography, instillation, 3D and more. This show is curated by artist, and Brooklynite, Katherine Emely Gómez. Participating artists include Aimee Hertog, Amanda Menezes, Amanda Saviñón, Annemarie Waugh, Asano Gomez, Bridget O’ Rourke, Diane Hawkins, Fred Gutzeit, Gregory Mason, Hillary Hostetler, Jamie Kates, Katherine Emely Gómez, Laura Jacobs, Lorena Kalaja, Alexis Martinez, Peter Pier, Roberto Ferrando, Shang-Ping Liu, Shifi Rathaus, Vanezza Cruz, and Yi-Sun Ro.

At 7 p.m., The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, free.


Don’t miss the chance of witnessing another embarrassment by Brendan Fraser live at the Golden Globes (assuming he is invited).

[Holiday] Who says the holidays are over? During the coldest time of the year, people of all backgrounds are invited to celebrate Tu B’Shvat, a holiday that heralds the coming of spring at the Museum at Eldridge Street’s fifth annual WinterGreen Festival. The museum presents a smorgasbord of art, food, and music activities marking the Jewish New Year of Trees.

At 1 p.m., Museum at Eldridge Street Synagogue, $10.

[Recreation] A couple of years back we took part in the annual winter tradition of removing our pants on the subway while strangers looked on in amazement and disgust, which, at that point, was already a wildly popular event that took place all over the country. The No Pants Subway Ride is now in its 13th year, and its popularity hasn’t diminished in the slightest. Although this staged occurrence, organized by Improv Everywhere, a New York City-based prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places, is not as secretive as it once was, it’s still one of the most fun happenings in the city. If you’ve never done it before, we strongly suggest you try it; it feels truly liberating. Check the website for more information. We look forward to seeing you, and your undies.

At 3 p.m., various locations, free.

[TV] We live for awards season. Sometimes we dress up, load up on yummy foods, and watch award shows as if we are there, among the celebs. If you are also one of these people (don’t be ashamed!), there’s a place where we can all converge and pretend like we’re Hollywood royalty, too. Videology is hosting a Golden Globes viewing party that includes a red carpet for us weirdos, and we’re very excited about it, obviously. There will be also be Golden Globe trivia, prizes, and drink specials.

At 6 p.m., Videology, Brooklyn, free.