Best Reader Comments on the Greenwich Village Gray’s Papaya Shuttering


This week, Gray’s Papaya shuttered its Sixth Avenue location, bringing the total number of its hot dog stands down to one (the outlet on 72nd and Broadway remains). Owner Nicholas Gray told Zachary Feldman that it was a rent-related decision: “They wanted to raise my rent to $50,000 from $30,000. We’re always looking for corners, but they’re hard to find.”

Readers took the news with a mix of anger and sadness, befitting of a decades-old cheap eats institution that was a staple in the neighborhood.

There were lamentations:
Dutty D Comedian:

the old nyc is long gone. its now a mix of disney world and nebraska.

Mark Hardison:

Oh please let it be another g.d. frozen yogurt shop. oh how I live for another g.d frozen yogurt shop. Or better yet..go ahead out a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin; fucking Doughnuts.

There were memories:
Carl LaFong:

An oasis after late night adventures in the Village! RIP Two dogs and a Piña Colada drink at 3am. Tragic


A summer staple at my 1960s family barbeques was the annual hot dog competition not in competitive eating but who made the best hot dog in NY.

Fierce loyalty and intense competition broke out between Nediks and Nathans fans,deli devotees who preferred Hebrew National and those who swore by Sabretts.Loyalists to Gray’s Papaya formed an unlikely alliance with their East Side rival Papaya King both of whom thought it blasphemous to wash down a frank with anything but papaya juice.

And then there were helpful real estate suggestions:
Shawn Elliot:

A good location would be Downtown Brooklyn anywhere within 3 square miles of the Brooklyn Nets Arena.

Joyce David:

They should move to Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn between Parkside & Empire before the rents get crazy here

Isaac Moore:

They should open one up on Fordham Road in The Bronx. Walking distance to Fordam Univeristy, Lehman college and it’s always JAMMED up there. They would make a killing. BRING IT TO THE BRONX!!

Becky Bu:

There’s a great corner spot available on the corner of 4th Avenue and 11th Street in Brooklyn, and there are no hot dog spots around. Lots of foot traffic from the subway.

Have something to say — or know of a hot corner where Gray’s could relocate? Join the conversation in the comments.