Piora’s Taking a One-Week Hiatus, Starting Sunday


If you read this week’s review of Piora and were hoping to try it immediately, best head in tonight or tomorrow, because according to reps from the restaurant, Chris Cipollone and Simon Kim are closing their restaurant Sunday, January 12, for a brief hiatus. They’ll reopen for dinner on January 20.

The closure, the rep tells us, will allow Cipollone and company to take a breather after packing the house most nights since opening last summer, and possibly do a little reflecting. “They’re just taking the week to take a step back and make a couple equipment fixes, stuff like that. It’s nothing serious,” the rep tells us — no changes to the dining room, no renovations.

When the restaurant reopens on January 20, Cipollone will debut a new tasting menu (four courses, $75), available in the dining room only, that will allow the chef to play around with more seasonal produce and try out new dishes. And before you get your knickers in a knot and assume the restaurant will banish to the bar guests unwilling to cough up $75 for four courses (like we did when we heard about this new menu), fear not: this new menu upgrade will be offered IN ADDITION TO the regular a la carte menu, which will keep most of its bones (black garlic bucatini, market veg) intact.

So phew. Now, go and get ye a reservation!