The Accusations Against Disgraced Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak, in Order of Creepiness


Starting Monday, the New York State Assembly will have one less member. Dennis Gabryszak, who has represented the 143rd District sine 2006, resigned Sunday after four separate women filed sexual harassment complaints against him.

In his letter of resignation, Gabryszak denied that he had sexual contact with any members of his staff. He added, “There was mutual banter and exchanges that took place that should not have taken place because it is inappropriate in the workplace even if it does not constitute sexual harassment.”

What exactly, in Gabryszak’s opinion, doesn’t constitute sexual harassment?

Here is a selection of accusations made by former employees, in descending order of inappropriateness:

22. Greeting a staffer with “What’s up, bitch?”

21. Voicing his preference for butts over boobs

20. Joking with interns about “having a tattoo on his penis”

19. Referring to Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis as “Malliocockkiss”

18. Offering female staffers expensive gifts like Coach bag, scarves, and pearl necklaces

17. Regularly leaning over a staffer’s shoulder in a manner that made her uncomfortable

16. Telling female staffers to wear bikinis to political events

15. Discussing various women he would like to have sex with, talking about prostitutes and regaling staff with stories of his regular visits to a strip club called “Double Vision”

14. Describing his efforts to get a “happy ending” from a hotel masseuse to his staff

13. Inviting a member of his staff to accompany him to a massage parlor

12. Asking a staffer, as they passed by train tracks, if she “liked to be tied up on them”

11. Commenting on the likelihood that a staffer would “sell her panties” at her garage sale

10. Telling one staffer, via text, that the only reason he hired her was “because she was pretty”

9. Telling staffers he could fire them if he didn’t like the way they looked

8. Telling a staffer “I got a boner when I walked into the office today when I saw you,” and “You’re so hot, you know what I want to do with you”

7. Texting a staffer to say he wanted to “lick her” after she spilled a mocha on herself

6. Inviting a staffer to spend the night at his home, and chastising said staffer when she declined the offer

5. Asking a staffer to come “hang out” in his hotel room during a business trip

4. And, when the offer was refused, visiting the staffer’s hotel room multiple times, and stopping to look through the window and the door

3. Offering a staffer a $100,000 salary if she would move to Western New York. When she declined — on account of the fact that it would separate her from her fiancé and his 8-year-old daughter — Gabryszak replied, “I guess I will just have to get your fiance to break up with you.”

2. Sending a video of himself in a bathroom stall, a video in which Gabryszak “theatrically presented a visual image of himself receiving fellatio.”

1. A staffer who accompanied Gabryszak to a fundraiser, recalls “When she was ready to leave, she looked for her car keys. They had been in her purse, but they were not there. The Assemblyman said that he would take her to his apartment. She reluctantly agreed to do so. At the apartment, her car keys miraculously appeared in the Assemblyman’s possession.”

In a statement distributed on Sunday, Governor Cuomo said “This kind of alleged behavior has no place in New York State government or any other office in society.”