Westville’s Smoky Mac & Cheese, Our Cheap Eat of the Day


Smoky mac & cheese from Westville (multiple locations), $8

A cold-weather favorite from a neighborhood staple.

There’s a reason Westville spawned line-commanding spin-offs beyond its original West 10th Street location: It’s a quintessential neighborhood joint, a casual spot that serve simple food made from good ingredients. And in a city where kitchens are roughly the size of bottle caps, it helps that this is a spot you can pop into when you don’t feel like cooking but don’t feel like going out — because you’re going to get a solid, unassuming meal for a solid price. There are many ways to get full here on a budget, but our favorite is the smoky mac & cheese, the appetizer portion of which is substantial enough to constitute one person’s dinner. Glazed with gouda and baked until a crust forms on top, this dish is best with additional bits of porky bacon. Great for a cold day. (Speaking of which, check out our list of the 10 best macaroni and cheeses in NYC.)

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