A Slight, Likable Charmer: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?


Here’s a slight, likable charmer starring a slight, likable charmer, Richie Jen as Weichung, a clerk in an eyeglasses shop who is finally ready to admit that he prefers the company of men to that of his long-suffering wife, Feng, movingly played by the singer Mavis Fan.

Set in cramped Taipei apartments and the wider, freer streets and clubs its protagonist dreams of escaping to, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? proves most affecting when its characters — two couples, both troubled — dream of standing up against the currents that have shoved them along through life.

Weichung flirts with a hunky flight attendant (Wong Ka-lok), dances with rare jubilance at a gay club, and, thinking of his crush, levitates off the street and right into the heavens in one grand tracking shot. It’s a reverse swoon.

Sweet office drone Feng, meanwhile, who holds everything in for much of the film, finally cuts loose with a karaoke treatment of the pop song the movie is titled for.

The ending has a surfeit of sugar, but writer-director Arvin Chen’s story jaunts along, a cheery rom-com tinged with dream visions and a somewhat daring conceit — from the first minutes, we know that Weichung must eventually hurt Feng.

Chen’s characters never forget that it’s hard to buck tradition or chase what they really want, and it’s awfully touching to see them try. Also, weirdly, Mandy (Kimi Hsia), a bride-to-be who dashes out on her fiancé, spends much of the movie wearing a Kansas Jayhawks T-shirt.