The Vast Majority of ScratchBREAD’s Menu, Our Cheap Eat of the Day


The menu at ScratchBREAD (1069 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-744-8231), $2-$10

Baked goods reign at this take-out window, but sandwiches and pizzas will feed you on the cheap, too.

In case you haven’t heard (and you haven’t yet braved public transport this morning), a water main break and slow L service has ruined your commute, so if you haven’t already clawed your way into your desk job in the city, you might consider using one of those personal days. Make the most of it by making a pilgrimage over to ScratchBREAD, one of our very favorite walk-up windows in the boroughs. Baked goods reign supreme here, and a $2 sticky bun with a cup of coffee is one hell of a way to start your (late) morning. Otherwise, snag a slice of pizza or put down a meatball sandwich (on house-made bread, of course) and consider taking home a baguette or a pack of vanilla bean shortbread. Nearly everything on the menu is budget friendly, and it’s worth indulging in on your impromptu day off.

Restaurants open at a dizzying pace in New York City, and keeping up with what’s hot takes some serious cash. If you — like us — need the occasional reprieve from a food-forward spending spree, you’re likely always on the lookout for cheap eats of high quality. In this space each day, we’ll highlight a tasty dish that rings in for less than $10, spotlighting places worth checking out when you’d like to get full while giving your wallet a break.