The Bakeshop By Woops Opens In Williamsburg


A little bit of coffee and an amicable dosage of sugar might just be man’s best friend when it comes to the dreaded “L” train commute. Leave the pre-work personality drink to The Bakeshop by Woops (548 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-384-4410), the brick-and-mortar extension of by Woops macarons that opened doors this Monday just footsteps away from the Bedford Avenue subway station (i.e. transit brawl).

Husband-and-wife team Dan and Odehel Magor decided to open the Bakeshop as an offspin of their macaron line by Woops, a rotating selection of 15 to 22 varieties that has been setting up mobile shop via holiday markets and shopping centers since its debut last year. The couple also wanted a permanent venue where they could showcase their other culinary interests, which consist of a well-rounded savory-meets-sweet offering and an emphasis on high quality coffee.

“We are somewhere between an espresso bar and a bakery — we really want to focus on both,” says Odehel. “I think most places in Williamsburg are either great in their coffee or they have a really cutting edge design, or you have a really good bakery that specializes in their pastries and their breads. And we always felt that there should be one place that has them all.”

In true Williamsburg form, the team will be taking its caffeine seriously — starting with its own blend of organic and fair trade Colombian coffee. “Right now, especially in Williamsburg — but also all around the city — we see a lot of companies that take the coffee to a different style and taste; more sour, more bitter, stronger,” says Odehel. “Our tradition of coffee is [geared] more towards the European classic — rounded and mild.”

And while the partners feel strongly about their brew, you won’t find judgment in the 400-square-foot venue. “If you ask us for what we recommend, we have our preferences, but if someone comes in and they want to drink a 16-ounce cappuccino, we will offer that,” Odehel notes. “We’re not here to educate people on how to drink their coffee; we just try to offer people what they want to drink.”

A variety of pastries and breads will be baked on premise, and similar to the coffee undertaking, those treats will be a reflection of the Magors’ international background and collective travels. “We’ve been in the restaurant/café business for many years, so most of our friends are from all over the world. And we travel a lot, so we know pastries from all over the world,” explains Odehel. Global flare can be found in savory items like the potato and spinah-filled burekas in addition to a range of sweet-driven takeaways, such as alfajores, rugelach, and, of course, macarons.

“We offer a little bit of everything in the world,” notes Odehel. “It just fits Williamsburg; it’s such a diverse neighborhood. We’re just here for everyone.”

The Bakeshop by Woops will be open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 7 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday.