For ones-of-a-kind, R. Stevie Moore and Gary Wilson have a lot in common. Approximately the same age (very early 60s), Moore and Wilson share overlapping cult followings based on home-studio productions that juxtapose sincere if brilliantly misguided pop aspirations with avant-garde strategies. No style is off-limits to Moore, who recorded most of his 400-plus albums — most recently In the History of Ever and the compilation Personal Appeal — over three decades in nearby New Jersey. Wilson, best known for his eccentric 1977 electropop masterpiece You Think You Really Know Me, is a John Cage–influenced lounge singer from the Binghamton area who incorporates inflatable women into his show. To have these icons of the WFMU anti-aesthetic on the same bill is glorious.

Fri., Jan. 24, 8 p.m., 2014