Where to Get Cheese Curds in NYC


In case decadent grilled cheese and frozen custard wasn’t enough of an incentive to visit Greenwich Village’s 5 Oz. Factory (24 West 8th Street, 212-777-6455), take note, especially if you’re a transplant from the midwest: The shop is launching house-made baked cheese curds this Saturday January 25.

You can thank owner and Wisconsin-native Dan Schuman for this development; he wanted to bring the texture and signature squeak of fresh cheese curds, a delicacy in his home state, to New York mouths. “Everyone has been asking for them, so we’ve been working to get them right for weeks,” he says. “Through my relationship with Wisconsin cheesemakers, I found just the right provider and I’m really proud of the product.”

The curds are lightly breaded with panko and baked for a warm, crispy, gooey bite. Chef and business partner Angela Kuzma uses white cheddar curds to achieve the salty, sharp flavor. Customize your order with dipping sauces like Caesar, Russian, or ranch dressing; hot sauce; mustard; and sprinkled parmesan (and look for more sauces coming soon).

The curds come in a brown paper bag and are served with a thick wooden toothpick for efficient hot cheese handling, and while an order is ideally sized for sharing, you probably aren’t going to want to split the goods.

Another reason to be selfish: The curds will only be available in-store on weekends due to their extremely limited quantities.