The Official 56th Grammys Viewing Party with Adrian Grenier – Marquee – 1/26/14


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The Grammys, “music’s biggest night,” was last night and oh how the stars came out to shine. The City of Angels hosted the ceremony this year that saw Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Madonna and Queen Latifah marry 33 gay couples on stage while sweeping the rap categories and Daft Punk and Lorde taking home the top honors, but the New York chapter of the Recording Industry Association of America held the official telecast viewing party at Marquee. Hosted by Adrian Grenier, and sponsored by Stadiumred, the party combined both the sleek prestige of the awards with the galvanizing passion of a room full of luminaries who, in their heart of hearts, are still genuine music fans.

After a great performance by Jeremy Carr kicked the night off, the room was treated to three huge screens airing the event. Such a big audience being separated from the actual on-stage talent by a few thousand miles did allow for things to get pretty vocal. The dueling cheers between Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore fans began from the jump during the night’s first honors awarding Best New Artist, but as elated as some were, a discernible chill filled the room once Macklemore mentioned in his acceptance speech that he and Ryan Lewis made The Heist without the help of a record label.

Throughout the night, the crowd seemed really excited for Lorde’s “Royals” taking home so many Grammys. Perhaps its because of the prevailing sentiment that she was snubbed for a Best New Artist nomination or because the entire crowd stopped to watch her performance, but she seems to have struck a chord with the viewers at the party. Daft Punk winning album of the year also seemed to be a crowd pleaser.

We spoke to the party’s host, actor and Wreckroom Records owner Adrian Grenier what he thought about the night’s festivities:

How do you feel about The Grammy’s tonight?
It’s been a good time. I’m happy to be here. Being in New York, we obviously can’t be, you know, at The Grammys, but we can at least have as much fun. Cold doesn’t stop New Yorkers. You know a real New Yorker when the cold is a non-issue.

Being tonight’s about celebrating the past year in music, what sticks out most to you when looking back at the music of 2013?
I’ve been building this company, Wreckroom Records, and we’ve had a lot of great successes. We’ve had over 80 bands to date, and we’ve been supportive of independent music. Before anybody can get on the big stage, play at the Grammys and win an award, they have to start somewhere. And that’s our mission, to support emerging artists. It’s been a real joy, a real treat. I’ve been playing music for years, I love rock and roll and I love being surround by music.

What impact do you think Macklemore winning so many Grammys without an actual label is going to have on the industry?
He’s technically not a “new” artist, he’s just new to the establishment. The establishment finally recognized, because they had to. It’s the new way of connecting with audiences, there’s no more “middle.” Look what Beyonce did with her album. The industry might have to make some concessions and realize that it’s about the music and not about the hoopla.

With you being such a big music fan, do you have any favorite Grammy memories?
I don’t put a lot of stock in the Grammys. I’ve always been pretty independent minded. I like the Grammys, but in terms of the favoritism, I don’t like to choose favorites. I believe we should embrace all kinds of music and really expand our appreciation for music beyond best/worst/Top 1/Top 2 and really look at music as something that is part of our lives all of the time. Whether it’s the best music or the worst music, it all has something to contribute. I like to listen to music that’s probably very unpopular and probably offensive at times because there’s a lot that it’s saying and probably reflecting culture sometimes. Today’s unpopular music is tomorrow’s popular music.

Which music that’s unpopular now do you think more people should check for?
The Skins. They were one of the first bands that came through The Wreckroom. They built The Wreckroom with me. They’re on tour right now and they’re incredible. They’re going to do great things.

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