Shuck One Out for Midtown’s Famous Oyster Bar


Wes Anderson just lost a great filming location. After a 55-year run, Midtown’s Famous Oyster Bar (842 Seventh Avenue, 212-586-6525) has closed its doors. The somewhat worn, nautical-themed seafood house was a war horse from a bygone era, remarkable in that it lasted for as long as it did. And there’s no doubt it would have gone on surviving had a rent increase not prompted the untimely shutter. Although it had its own charm, I can’t help but think that some of its patrons found their way inside its doors assuming it was the westside counterpoint to Grand Central’s edible underground aquarium. Still, its neon signage shone like a bejeweled bezoar in the belly of this tourist-trapped beast.

Yesterday, the old school joint auctioned its kitchen equipment, flatware, and the many maritime knick knacks, trinkets, curios, and gewgaws that adorned the warmly-lit wood-paneled space. Its demise is unfortunate if unsurprising, but its neo-noir red glow will be sorely missed.