Exclusive Premiere: ABGOHARD’s “Yung God”


“A long time ago, there was a man born with the legendary purple dick. This yung nigga was so raw he learned to harness powers that made him a… Yung God.”

That’s the charming introduction to ABGOHARD’s elegiac new song “Yung God,” which has the NY-based rapper dropping introspective musings over a meditative hip-hop beat supplied by Yuri Beats. You can peep the video to the track below, which stars ABGOHARD swaying and strutting around a sun-hazed wilderness to woozy effect.

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If you’re not yet up on ABGOHARD’s endearingly off-kilter music, he’s part of Aaron Cohen’s Inner City Kids clique and his named-for-Pokemon Zubat mixtape is an overlooked underground gem. He’ll be following that up with more projects throughout 2014, including a full-on Inner City Kids mixtape. Before that, read on to get up to speed on his basement venue come-up, his Pokemon habit, and the lore behind ABGOHARD’s purple phallus.

How would you describe the vibe of “Yung God”?
It’s some triumphant, positive and uplifting shit for the young to understand.

The video begins by talking about “a man born with the legendary purple dick.” What’s that about?
It was a title, like something that I’ve been given by other people. Where does it come from? Well, people crowned me the purple dick guy. They tell me, “You’re just a purple dick dude.”

Is there anyone in particular who crowned you that way?
Nah, lots of people have crowned me that, and definitely lots of different ladies.

Who had the idea to shoot the video for “Yung God” in a forest?
That was all mine. We shot the video in late-September out in Jersey in a forest. The location was something that just kinda came into my head while I was writing the music. The forest was good, although we actually ran into a few random people walking by, like some weirdos. One tried to get on camera, but we didn’t let him.

How did you get involved with Yuri Beats, who produced “Yung God”?
He works with my friend Aaron Cohen a lot and he sent me a bunch of production and this beat that became “Yung God” was one that really stuck with me. We’ll be working together on more music in the future for sure.

How did you meet Aaron Cohen?
Shit man, it was maybe three or four years ago and we did a basement show in Manhattan in the Village, like just some totally random spot. He performed some of his stuff, I did some of my older music. I had heard some of his music before but I’d never met him, but once I did I realized he was a real good dude and he also really knows his rap shit and I respected that. From there it’s been history and we’ve been making songs ever since.

What was your first impression of Aaron Cohen when you met him?
I didn’t know he was going to be that short! From his voice he seems like a really big guy, but when you see him in person it’s like that cat’s kinda short!

What’s the Inner City Kids crew all about?
It’s mainly the dirty, gutter kids in New York, like we’re street, rap, graffiti kids, weed kids, the scum-bags of New York City. We all kinda knew each other through various groups and a bunch of us came together and we want to push that grimy mindset on the rest of America.

How would the rest of the Inner City Kids describe you?
They would definitely describe me as a sex-crazed maniac, like ODB.

From your last mixtape, Zubat, I take it you’re a Pokemon fan?
Oh, hell yeah. That’s since being a child — Pokemon was the shit! It was the fact that they were actually animals but you could give them special abilities. It was awesome, the most creative thing you could do as a child.

What would a Pokemon version of ABGOHARD be like?
I would definitely have wings and I’d probably have some type of electric powers.

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