Ride the kosmische tractor beam into the depths of your soul tonight with Cleveland solo guitarist Mark McGuire and Brooklyn electronic trio Forma. McGuire, a former member of electronica trio Emeralds, has embarked upon a journey of self-actualization culminating with his new Along the Way, a four-vinyl-sided, programmatic, personal reflection on “the quest of the individual seeking the answers to the great mysteries of life.” Does he succeed in delivering the Kantian epiphanies suggested in his liner notes? Check out his architectonic tapestry of droning, looping, layered sounds and decide for yourself, pilgrim. Forma’s Sophie Lam, George Bennett, and Mark Dwinell used vintage Moog, Roland, and Oberheim products for the pulsing Krautrock update heard on their 2012 release On/Off.

Fri., Jan. 31, 8 p.m., 2014