Where To Celebrate National Croissant Day


The croissant made 2013 headlines when Dominique Ansel wed it to a doughnut; his creation garnered 6 a.m. lines, and the Cronut® craze is unlikely to dissipate as long as New York sees tourists. But if it’s the crescent-shaped classic you’re after, the city boasts a melange of tried and true dough alternatives, ranging from the sweet to savory, and from the traditional to the copyright-worthy. In honor of National Croissant Day, here are a few more spots to get your leavened bread fix — without a three-hour wait time.

Almond croissant, Sugar and Plumm, 377 Amsterdam Avenue, 212-787-8778
Our ears perk up anytime we hear twice-baked, but when buttery and flaky pastries are the baked goods in question, we’re really listening. The almond croissants at this Upper West Side sugar haven are first baked until golden then cut in half and melded back together with an almond pastry cream. Once whole, the crescent is iced with almond pastry cream and layered with thinly sliced almonds before another oven session.

Pain au chocolat, Breads Bakery, 18 East 16th Street, 212-633-2253
Master baker Uri Scheft marries his Israeli and Danish roots with his European travel experiences to craft an array of signature breads and pastries at this Union Square bakery, where the entire croissant-making process — from dough creation to proofing to baking — is carried out on premise numerous times a day. For the pain au chocolat, the team fills a rum-dipped butter croissant with a 10-gram bar of Cacao Barry dark chocolate for a rich, decadent touch.

Florentine Wheel and Chicken Chausson, Financier Patisserie, 62 Stone Street (multiple locations), 212-344-5600
If your breakfast order leans savory, head to any one of the branches of this France-sweeps-Manhattan patisserie today, when they’ll be launching two new roux-fueled croissants in honor of the holiday. An optional over easy egg stacks a warm spinach, feta, and béchamel Florentine Wheel, while the chicken chausson packs a triangular pocket with a béchamel-laced chicken and mushroom combination.

Pretzel croissant, City Bakery, 3 West 18th Street, 212-366-1414
This iconic Manhattan meeting hub might have solved the salty versus sweet debate years ago with its own take on the croissant hybrid: the pretzel croissant. A traditional take at first glance, the giveaway lies in the ubiquitous pretzel knot ends and generous sesame scattering.