You Can Now Lease 285 Kent For the Low, Low Price of $8,000 a Month


Fans of music were dealt a Severe Blow a couple weeks back when the lights went down for good at 285 Kent, the Williamsburg DIY warehouse hub of cultural cool. No more shows. No more disgusting bathrooms. No more drunkenly making out with strangers of questionable hygiene on couches of questionable hygiene. No more… anything. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel: 285 Kent can now be yours. You’ll just need $8,000 a month for rent. Let’s take a look at what you get for your money.

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According to the Craigslist post about the space it…

– Is 4,000 SF
– Is listed as “Creative/Loft” under “Space Type.”
– Has additional office building, office showroom, and “flex space”
– Has 22+ feet ceilings on Kent Ave near South 1st St in central Williamsburg.
– Has windows and a large amount or retail frontage direct to Kent Ave.
– Is framed by two huge I-beam industrial columns along each of the walls, and arch vaults.
– Those beams “frame the walls (not in the center of the space) and create a huge, column-free open area. It’s a very industrially photogenic room.” (Sidenote: TRUE)
– Has two toilets (remember those?) + hand washing sink.
– Has two means of egress.
And, also:
– FREE HEAT (caps theirs)

So get on it, dreamers.