Tim Heidecker’s Super Bowl Halftime Show “Leak” Anthology


It’s been 10 years since comedy innovators Tim Heidecker and Eric Weirheim first broke national with their adult swim show Tom Goes to the Mayor. In the decade since they’ve delighted us in several mediums and formats, but we have developed a special fondness for Tim Heidecker’s “leaked” Super Bowl songs. Since 2010, the eve of the Super Bowl has seen Heidecker (who successfully trolled the industry as the “new editor” of Rolling Stone a few years back) release the (alleged) “new song” that will be performed by that year’s halftime act. As both a critique of commercialism and a celebration of the downright catchy, what better way to prepare for a weekend of pigskin tossing than looking back at Tim Heidecker’s Super Bowl halftime classics.

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The Who – 2010
For Tim Heidecker’s inaugural Super Bowl “leak,” he channeled the logical multimedia evolution of rock icons The Who by re-recording their hit “Pinball Wizard” only now making the focal point of the song be the greatness of Bridgestone Tires. But, there has to be a twist, right? Well, Heidecker’s vocals actually make us want to purchase Bridgestone Tires.

Black Eyed Peas – 2011
The next year, Heidecker took on the soulful sounds of the Black Eyed Peas. With a certified banger, or at least as bangin’ as Casio demos can sound, Heidecker’s interpretation of Taboo and Company brought back his love of Bridgestone Tires, but threw in the fun of Frito Lays as you chip-and-dip “all damn day” during your Super Bowl Party.

Madonna – 2012
The pulsating hip-hop gridiron action continued in 2012 as Heidecker gave us a new light with which to appreciate Madonna. By manipulating his voice into an unsettling Madge worble, Heidecker’s Madonna was a strong independent woman not afraid to dip into cliches (beginning the song with the tired “My name is ______ and I’m here to say” that anyone who hasn’t heard a rap song in 30 years still thinks all rap sounds like) and then showing her love of the game, with a passion for “throwing the ball” not heard since Kurtis Blow’s very real affinity for the way basketball players “dribble up and down the court.” It concludes with a shout-out to Bud Light that I think we can all agree on.

Bob Dylan – 2013
Last year Heidecker truly upped the ante with his Super Bowl Super-Trolling. Setting things off with a fake press release stating Beyonce’s hyped halftime show was going to see her replaced with rock elder statesman Bob Dylan, he included the promise that Dylan would be performing his new song “Running Out the Clock.” The absolute most spot-on Dylan parody in years, “Running Out the Clock” would have added a delightful dour tinge to the event, a thought made all the more incredible by the fake Pepsi poster accompanying the track.

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