Here Is Charlie Rangel’s “Waiting To Go On Television” Dance


Congressman Charles Rangel has held some kind of higher office pretty much continuously since 1967. He’s 84 now, still serving, still nattily attired, even when exercising as vigorously as someone in his 80s probably should.

He’s so spry, in fact, that as recently as December, during a press conference kicking off his re-election campaign, he was moved to talk about his amazing dance moves, telling the assembled reporters: “Right now I find myself on the dance floor doing things I haven’t done in a long time.” Then he invited a reporter to get up and dance with him (she declined while “smiling painfully,” according to Politicker).

According to the Congressman’s Vine account, we’ve now learned that he’ll also bust out his moves in the brief moments while awaiting the start of a live interview.

Hmm. Well. Despite the hashtag, that’s less a proper Harlem Shake and more like one of those drinking birds, only bending at the knee instead of the beak.

You’ll agree that we’re correct on this. Nonetheless, it’s an entirely respectable dance move for an elder. In honor of Charlie Rangel’s favorite piece of attire, we’ll dub it, “The Pocket Square.”

[H/T The Hill]