Lil Bub and Andrew W.K. Heal the World This Saturday on Animal Planet


Mike Bridavsky was staying in a posh Manhattan hotel, the kind where super models check you in and louder-than-it-needs-to-be House music pumps through the lobby speakers. It’s the kind of place that makes right minded non-douches like Bridavsky–kind, humble, down to earth–a bit uneasy. “The type of hotel Lindsey Lohan will eventually OD in,” he says before quickly apologizing for going dark. After a gorgeous Russian blonde checked him in, Bridavsky grabbed his cat and went up to the room.

Not too long after, his cat had an accident on the bed.

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“She’d had too much yogurt,” says Bridavsky of his pet’s favorite treat, before adding sheepishly “She diarrhea’d on the comforter.”

Immediately he called down to the front desk and the helpful Russian who’d just wished him a happy stay. When he told her what had happened, she didn’t try to mask her rage. “YOU’VE SNUCK AN ANIMAL INTO THIS HOTEL?! THAT IS NOT ALLOWED! YOU MUST PAY FOR THIS! I WILL BE RIGHT UP!!” she yelled before slamming down the phone.

But the thing is, it was allowed. Because Bridavsky’s cat isn’t just a cat. She’s Lil Bub, internet famous celebrity cat with a heart of gold, a beam of positive light in a world filled with darkness. Producers of Lil Bub’s show on Animal Planet, Lil Bub’s Special Special, had booked the room and the hotel knew all about it. The shit on the bedspread was a surprise, but Bub’s stay was not.


The angry Russian super model banged on the door. Bridavsky opened up and she stormed past him. Lil Bub, now on the floor, looked up at her with that sweet Lil Bub look only Lil Bub can give–the look that’s made her famous and earned her nearly 350k Instagram followers The look, naturally, froze the angry Russian supermodel in her tracks, changing her body chemistry almost instantly.

“Oh. My. God.” she said, melting in Lil Bub’s presence. Mind you, she didn’t know who Lil Bub was, and was unaware of her internet celebrity. But upon locking eyes with Bub she, like so many before and after her, felt something. She apologized to Bridavsky, told him she’d take care of the comforter and later sent up a bottle of wine to his room.

“Lil Bub has the power to turn diarrhea into wine,” says Bridavsky.

And while that perfect exclamation point to his anecdote may be overstating it a tad, it’s not too far off from reality. Bridavsky has seen this kind of reaction from people quite often. TSA officers stop him to marvel as he escorts Bub past airport security. Strangers go weak in the knees around Bub. Bridavsky, always by her side, has witnessed the awe inspired by his special cat 1000 times over. He sees it every day.

Now that awe makes its way to TV screens across the country, as Lil Bub and his very good friend (and Village Voice advice columnist) Andrew W.K. take to Animal Planet on Saturday to spread good cheer and posi vibes. Bridavsy, Lil Bub, and W.K. stopped by the Voice offices earlier this week. We sat down with Bub to talk to her about life in the spotlight, her new show, and more.

So, Bub, you’ve been famous for a couple years now. How are you adjusting to it?

Are you excited to make the jump from the internet to TV?

You and your friend Andrew W.K. have been a perfect team of positivity in the world. How did the two of you first meet?

Tell us a little bit about the show on Animal Planet.

Amy Sedaris is on the show as well. How did you like working with her?

Tell us a little bit about the song you and Andrew W.K. wrote together, “Star Party Animal,” now available on iTunes.

The proceeds raised on the sale of that track go toward charity, correct? Tell us about that.

Anything else you want to say to your fans?

Lil Bub’s Special Special airs this Saturday, Feb. 8, at 9 p.m. on Animal Planet.