And Now, the Answers to Our 2013 News Quiz, Plus the Super Smart Contest Winner


At the end of 2013, before our collective spirits had been broken by the endless Polar Vortexes inflicted upon us, we extended a challenge to you, our readers: show us what you remember about the past year in news. Our 2013 news quiz brought in lots and lots of people willing to take that challenge, and finally, we’re ready to announce a winner. But first, an apology.

That quiz was hard. We didn’t exactly mean to make it so hard, but some of the stuff we threw in there was just cruel. The bizarre species of cockroach found on the High Line? Which politicians were indicted for election fraud and which ones were merely divorced by their long-suffering spouses? Who even remembers this stuff?

A few things, though, everyone got right. Damn near all of you knew that Amanda Bynes was accused of throwing a bong out the window of her apartment (a charge that was dismissed not long ago). Most people remembered that Anthony Weiner was pursued by sexting buddy Sydney Leathers through a McDonalds on election night, although very few of you remembered that Leathers subsequently attempted to auction off her “excess” labia skin after a “rejuvenation” procedure.

The test was so hard, even the senior editor of another publication did, er, not very well, though he did manage to crack the top 20. It was so hard that one guy didn’t answer a single question, but merely submitted his name and email address (although that might’ve been a technology issue, or a silent protest. Not sure).

But several people made it through, and in the end, after we went through a nightmarish quiz-grading process that involved Excel spreadsheets and color-coding and lots of crying, our lucky winner edged out her competition by one point. She is Laura Wang, a high school science teacher in the Bronx and extremely good sport, who came by the office on Friday to collect her prize.

“I’m actually pretty pumped about this!” she wrote, despite having forgotten that she’d taken the quiz. (Sorry. We took a really long time about this.) She attributes her win to “the power of education,” so hopefully her students are paying attention.

Laura’s prize bag turned out to be pretty cool; as it happens, we have some pretty great stuff lying around in here (who knew?). She won three books: Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With a Literary Twist by Tim Federle, All the Time in the World: A Book of Hours , by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins, and the giant Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink by John F. Mariani. Since she’s a teacher, we also threw in some Village Voice file folders and notepads, along with some non-name brand paper clips and binder clips. She also won a Voice tote bag and another extremely pretty bag with birds on it, donated by our art guy, Jesus Diaz, out of his personal supply. He also threw in arguably the best prize, a beautiful box set of a 1972 Grateful Dead concert. Finally, I gave her a tiny monster, who previously lived in my kitchen, but wanted to decamp to a more learned environment.

Congratulations, Laura! Thanks for playing, everybody. We’ll make it less obnoxious next year, promise.

Click through for an answer key to the quiz and a picture of a tiny monster.

If you’re just checking your work, here’s the answer key. In case you’d like to re-read the whole quiz for our fabulous jokes and whatnot, we’ve reprinted it on the next page.

Quiz Answer Key

Correct answers are in bold.

1. Which of these is not a real New York Post headline?
A. “CAP’N CRUNCH: 74 Hurt as NYC Ferry Smashes into Dock”
B. “THUG BUGS DRUG RUG: Coke Kingpin Snooped Thru Rival’s Carpet”
C. “CROOKY MONSTER: Toddler’s Terror in Times Square”
D. “SKEET FOR BRAINS: Bam Panders to Gun Lovers with Idiotic Pic”
E. All of them are real

2. In what unorthodox format did New York State assembly member Micah Kellner allegedly sexually harass a junior female staff member?
A. Suggestive messages during an online Scrabble game
B. Suggestive messages during Words with Friends
C. Suggestive messages through Grindr
D. Suggestive carrier pigeons
E. All of the above

3. After a female intern accused Kellner of sexual harassment and a male intern added his own accusations, how long did it take the assembly’s ethics committee to open an investigation?
A. Two weeks
B. Two months
C. Two years
D. Four years
E. The committee never began an investigation

4. What was the title of Anthony Weiner sexting partner Sydney Leathers’s porn debut?
A. Sexting Scandal
B. Weiner and Me
C. Me and My Weiner
D. Here Is My 15 Minutes Right Now

5. What gang did a New York Times feature reveal is surprisingly litigious toward anyone who appropriates its imagery?
A. The Crips
B. The Bloods
C. The Latin Kings
D. The Hells Angels
E. The Shriners

6. What did Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina pick out for her son while he was still in the womb?
A. A name
B. A pony
C. A yacht
D. An Ivy League university
E. A city to be mayor of

7. Which of the following did Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota not accuse opponent Bill de Blasio of?
A. Being a Socialist
B. Being a Marxist
C. Being a Communist
D. Being unreasonably tall
E. All of the above

8. Which of the following was not an actual Banksy installation during the street artist’s 30-day New York residency, “Better Out Than In”?
A. A scale model of a sphinx in a puddle behind Citi Field
B. A dejected suitor with wilting flowers, leaning against a door outside the Hustler Club
C. A bandaged heart on a wall in Red Hook
D. The Grim Reaper riding a bumper car on the Lower East Side
E. A painting of a middle-age British man drinking tea and chortling as every reporter in the city looked for him

9. What was the name of the massive storm that hit the tristate area in February?
A. Irene
B. Franklin
C. Nemo
D. Dion
E. Stormy

10. In 2013, the New York Knicks suffered their longest losing streak in team history. How many consecutive games did they lose?
A. Seven
B. Eight
C. Nine
D. 10
E. 11

11. Rachael Sacks, who penned a widely reviled Thought Catalog essay titled “I’m Not Going to Pretend That I’m Poor to Be Accepted by You,” attends which school?
B. The New School
C. Columbia
D. Cornell
E. The University of Phoenix

12. How many students were arrested while protesting David Petraeus’s teaching appointment at CUNY?
A. Three
B. Six
C. Nine
D. 12
E. 24

13. How many major motion pictures released in 2013 were set in New York City?
A. Four
B. Nine
C. 14
D. 28
E. All of them

14. In an interview with which magazine did Police Commissioner Ray Kelly complain of the mayoral candidates, “They’ll say or do anything to get elected. I know all these people. They all claimed to be friends of mine up until their mayoral campaigns”?
A. New York
B. Mother Jones
C. Playboy
D. Cigar Aficionado
E. Highlights

15. What food did Dominique Ansel create as a follow-up to the Cronut?
A. A portable soufflé
B. A S’monut
C. A brownie flecked with 24K gold leaf
D. A Nutella macaron filled with tobacco-flavored mousse
E. An oatmeal cookie

16. Why did Fox News host Todd Starnes freak out about “liberal Miss America judges” in a widely publicized Twitter rant?
A. Because they crowned Nina Davuluri (Miss New York), whose family emigrated from India
B. Because they allowed tattooed soldier Theresa Vail (Miss Kansas) to compete
C. Because they permitted a contestant to recite a poem in Russian during the “talent” portion of the competition
D. Because they didn’t ask him to participate as a judge
E. All of the above, while crying furiously and wearing a pink chiffon tea dress

17. Which of the following did Alex Rodriguez do during his final grievance hearing in his case against Major League Baseball?
A. He slammed his fist on the table
B. He kicked a briefcase
C. He said, “This is fucking bullshit!”
D. He stormed out of the room
E. All of the above

18. According to the book Collision Low Crossers: A Year Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football, which New York Jet underwent a vasectomy during the 2011 season?
A. Mark Sanchez
B. Antonio Cromartie
C. Darrelle Revis
D. Santonio Holmes
E. Rex Ryan

19. In November, the National Basketball Association fined Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd $50,000 for doing what?
A. Shouting a racial slur at a referee
B. Flipping off a spectator
C. Spilling soda on the court
D. Taking off his shoes during a game
E. Coaching while intoxicated

Like most years, 2013 was full of political humiliations of varying degrees. Match the local pol with the unfortunate headline-grabbing development:

20. Spouse filed for divorce.
A. Christine Quinn
B. Malcolm Smith
C. Micah Kellner
D. Anthony Weiner
E. Michael Bloomberg

21. Was golfing in Bermuda when disaster struck on the Metro-North commuter line.
A. Christine Quinn
B. Malcolm Smith
C. Micah Kellner
D. Anthony Weiner
E. Michael Bloomberg

22. Was chased through a McDonald’s on election night by sex-scandal counterpart.
A. Christine Quinn
B. Malcolm Smith
C. Micah Kellner
D. Anthony Weiner
E. Michael Bloomberg

23. Was defeated partly through the efforts of opponents of horse-drawn carriages.
A. Christine Quinn
B. Malcolm Smith
C. Micah Kellner
D. Anthony Weiner
E. Michael Bloomberg

24. Was indicted, along with five others, for trying to bribe way onto mayoral ballot.
A. Christine Quinn
B. Malcolm Smith
C. Micah Kellner
D. Anthony Weiner
E. Michael Bloomberg

25. Why is New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman suing Donald Trump?
A. For criminally bad hair
B. For alleged real estate fraud
C. For illegally firing people while appearing on television with skin the color of an Oompa Loompa
D. Because Trump University, Trump’s online real estate program, allegedly misled consumers
E. Because someone has to sue him

26. How did Orthodox Jewish rabbi Mendel Epstein allegedly “persuade” men to grant their wives divorces?
A. By having them kidnapped
B. By having thugs apply a cattle prod to their genitals
C. By publicly humiliating them
D. A and C
E. A and B

27. Sylvia Mitchell, convicted of grand larceny in October for conning tens of thousands of dollars from her clients, was a ___________.
A. Doctor
B. Nail artist
C. Nihilist
D. Psychic
E. Dog walker

28. Which clothing company was accused — yet again — of selling designs ripped off from independent artists?
A. Urban Outfitters
B. Gap
C. J. Crew
D. Old Navy
E. Disco Stu’s Used Sweatshirt Emporium

29. Beginning in May 2014, how old must a New York City resident be to buy cigarettes?
A. 18
B. 19
C. 20
D. 21
E. No cigarettes may be sold within city limits

30. Who was responsible for a small plane pulling a swastika banner along the shoreline over Long Island, Rockaway Beach, and Coney Island this summer?
A. Aviating Nazis
B. Nazi aviators
C. Red Bull
D. Raelians, followers of a “UFO Religion” who were also behind “Swastika Rehabilitation Day”
E. High school pranksters

31. What unusual fusion restaurant opened in South Williamsburg in August?
A. Aloha Argentina (serving Argentine-Hawaiian cuisine)
B. Bonjour Bahama (French-Caribbean)
C. Shalom Japan (Japanese-Jewish)
D. ¡Hola Hebrew! (Mexican-Jewish)
E. Salaam Alaikum-‘n’-Bake’m (Middle Eastern-Southern comfort food)

32. What did an armed robber do before taking money from a Long Island Jamba Juice?
A. Took a shot of wheatgrass
B. Ordered a smoothie
C. Muttered, “There’s too much sugar in all of these”
D. Handed the cashier a note that reading: “The money and the Fiber Boosts”
E. Dropped to the floor and did 100 juice-powered pushups

33. Where does white supremacist Craig Cobb want racist New Yorkers to move?
A. To the Upper West Side
B. To Long Island
C. To North Dakota
D. To his super-secret underground bunker
E. To the moon

34. What does Sandra Guzman allege in the lawsuit she filed against her former employer, the New York Post?
A. That a superior referred to her and another Hispanic staff member as “Cha Cha No. 1” and “Cha Cha No. 2”
B. That then-editor Col Allan was a big fan of the strip club Scores, particularly during work hours
C. That a male editor offered a young female copy assistant a reporting job in exchange for a blowjob
D. That Broadway columnist Michael Riedel would greet Guzman by singing “I Want to Live in America” in a “Spanish” accent
E. All of the above

35. The Metropolitan Transit Authority announced that planned fare hikes in 2015 and 2017 would be lower than anticipated by how much?
A. From 10 percent to 8 percent
B. From 8 percent to 5 percent
C. From 7.5 percent to 4 percent
D. From 2 percent to 1 percent
E. Free rides for everyone!

36. What food from a New York-based supplier did the animal-rights group Mercy for Animals push to stop allowing to be sold on its site?
A. Veal
B. Suckling pig
C. Live lobster
D. Foie gras
E. Bacon

37. When Citi Bike launched in the spring, residents of New York City Housing Authority buildings were offered a membership discount. What’s the problem with that?
A. No one living in NYCHA housing wanted to ride the bikes
B. The discounted rate — $60, down from $95 — was still out of reach
C. The bikes promote Citibank, which is inherently evil
D. Most Citi Bike stations are located nowhere near public housing
E. All of the above

38. Which celebrity is apparently a huge fan of Citi Bike, having been photographed riding one at least four times since the program’s launch?
A. Cynthia Nixon
B. Matthew Broderick
C. Mario Batali
D. Bill de Blasio
E. Leonardo DiCaprio

39. What was the occupation of Wojciech Braszczok, a biker arrested in late September after members of the motorcycle gang Hollywood Stuntz chased and beat up SUV driver Alexian Lien?
A. Physician
B. Attorney
C. State senator
D. Undercover NYPD detective
E. Professional good-decision maker

40. Where else had Braszczok been spotted?
A. At Occupy Wall Street
B. On Photobucket, shirtless, in the company of various scantily clad women
C. On Twitter, asking, “where’s the party lol”
D. On a car forum, bragging about his sweet, tricked-out Mitsubishi Evolution
E. All of the above

41. What happened to Detective Rick Lee, who became famous during Occupy Wall Street as “the Hipster Cop”?
A. He’s still around, looking much less hip
B. He moved to Canada and joined Arcade Fire
C. He ran for state senator, campaigning on a platform of “Fixies for Everyone!”
D. He’s next in line for police commissioner
E. He declared Occupy “so over” and moved to Bushwick

42. Who was charged with a crime after a cab driver, who’d been quarreling with a bicycle messenger, ran over a bystander, severing her leg?
A. The cab driver, Faysal Himon
B. Kenneth Olivio, the bicyclist
C. Sian Green, the bystander, a British tourist
D. A and B
E. No one

43. In December, Green announced her intention to sue the city for negligence, arguing that the Taxi & Limousine Commission should have suspended Himon’s license after he had accrued seven points on his license for various other violations. How much is she suing for?
A. $1 million
B. $5 million
C. $10 million
D. $15.5 million
E. $27.5 million

44. What is the New York Initiative?
A. A citizen crime-prevention squad that patrols the West Village, founded after a spate of anti-gay crimes this past summer
B. A think tank headquartered in the Financial District, dedicated to fighting AIDS
C. Donald Trump’s latest real estate project, dedicated to blanketing every borough with his buildings
D. The new name for the Guardian Angels, the citizen group that used to patrol the subways in the 1980s and ’90s
E. New York’s new professional soccer team

45. Where did One Direction-er Harry Styles reportedly take his alleged girlfriend, Kardashian half-sister Kendall Jenner, on a December date?
A. To the Plaza Hotel, where else?
B. On a carriage ride
C. To Rockefeller Center — ’twas the season
D. To Therapy, a gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen
E. To the High Line

46. After Lou Reed died, the Vatican’s “culture minister,” Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, tweeted some of the lyrics to “Perfect Day” in tribute to the rock god. Why did he quickly delete that tweet?
A. Because he was in church at the time and shouldn’t have been tweeting
B. Because that song is about heroin
C. Because that song is about how there is no God
D. Because the Pope tweeted it first and he didn’t want to look like a copycat
E. Because he suddenly realized how weird it was for a 71-year-old Vatican official to have a Twitter account

47. Why did Pastor Lisa Calabrese of the Regeneration Church in Long Island accuse actress Cynthia Nixon of “promoting” gay marriage?
A. Because Nixon is openly gay and married
B. Because Nixon took out ads on buses and billboards encouraging homosexuality
C. Because, during a speech about surviving breast cancer, Nixon mentioned she has a wife
D. Because Nixon encouraged everyone to immediately get gay-married, divorcing a straight spouse if necessary
E. Because Nixon had proposed to the pastor

48. Which mandatory vaccinations did the city’s Board of Health approve for children in preschool and day care, despite protests?
A. Influenza
B. Hepatitis B
C. Tetanus
D. Measles
E. All of the above

49. What did eccentric billionaire and Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis shout while walking in the Broad Channel, Queens, Labor Day parade?
A. “Vote Cats!”
B. “I’m incredibly lost!”
C. “Joe Lhota, Joe Schmota!”
D. “Meow!”
E. “I will never be mayor!”

50. What did Amanda Bynes allegedly throw out the window of her apartment in the theater district, leading to criminal charges?
A. A bong
B. A puppy
C. A drum kit
D. The contents of a large picnic basket
E. Lindsay Lohan

51. What color wigs did Bynes wear during her two court appearances?
A. Pink and neon yellow
B. Green and black
C. Orange and puce
D. Aqua and blonde
E. She was completely bald

52. What was a 31-year-old Bronx man trying to do between two moving subway cars when he fell to his death in January?
A. Change cars
B. Poop
C. Climb onto the roof
D. Hail a cab
E. Eat lunch

53. What did a Bronx day care worker allegedly steal from a baby?
A. Candy
B. A juice box
C. A tiny wallet
D. A doll
E. Earrings

A number of environmental anomalies were spotted in the city this year. Match the phenomenon with the location of its sighting.

54. A thick, oily sludge, comparable to “black mayonnaise”
A. A Queens-bound N train
B. The Harlem Meer
C. The High Line
D. The Gowanus Canal
E. A Brooklyn homeless shelter

55. A species of cockroach never before seen in the United States
A. A Queens-bound N train
B. The Harlem Meer
C. The High Line
D. The Gowanus Canal
E. A Brooklyn homeless shelter

56. A northern snakehead, an invasive species of fish native to Asia
A. A Queens-bound N train
B. The Harlem Meer
C. The High Line
D. The Gowanus Canal
E. A Brooklyn homeless shelter

57. A dead sand shark
A. A Queens-bound N train
B. The Harlem Meer
C. The High Line
D. The Gowanus Canal
E. A Brooklyn homeless shelter

58. An albino cobra
A. A Queens-bound N train
B. The Harlem Meer
C. The High Line
D. The Gowanus Canal
E. A Brooklyn homeless shelter

59. Who is the new chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the seventh in seven years?
A. Tom Prendergast
B. Adam Lisberg
C. Jonah Tone
D. Joe Natone
E. Thomas DiNapoli

60. What famous spokes-animal angered both the MTA and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals by posing for promotional photos in the 23rd Street N/R station?
A. Tony the Tiger
B. The Taco Bell Chihuahua
C. The Aflac duck
D. The Energizer bunny
E. The Geico gecko

61. How long was Rough Trade, Williamsburg’s hip new record store, open before shutting down its show space because of noise complaints from the neighbors?
A. Six hours
B. Two days
C. Five days
D. Two weeks
E. Two months

62. Where was the Night Heron — a pop-up speakeasy where the only way to get in was with a pocket watch given to you by a previous guest — located?
A. Inside an abandoned subway station in Queens
B. In the upper levels of Yankee Stadium between 3 and 6 a.m. on Wednesdays
C. Inside a water tower in Chelsea
D. In a barely used Dumpster in Williamsburg
E. In the pizza oven at Roberta’s in Bushwick, after the restaurant closes

63. What dance craze originated in New York more than 30 years ago, went viral on social media earlier this year, and then just would not die?
A. The Harlem shake
B. The electric slide
C. The Bronx boogie
D. The macarena
E. Twerking

64. What strangely delicious sandwich did chef Keizo Shimamoto create?
A. The ostrich burger
B. The Royale with cheese
C. The ramen burger
D. The sashimi burger
E. The northern snakehead burger

65. In South Korea, what did Dunkin’ Donuts dub its Cronut knockoff?
A. The Big Apple Donut
B. The Gotham Croissant
C. The Times Square Sparkle Time Cookie Cake
D. The New York Pie Donut
E. The Disgusting Fat American Pastry

66. What transportation option(s) for Hamptons-goers did Uber offer over Fourth of July weekend?
A. Speedboat
B. Helicopter
C. Irony-free private yacht
D. Rickshaw
E. All of the above

67. What is officially the tallest building in the U.S.?
A. 1 World Trade Center
B. The Empire State Building
C. The Chrysler Building
D. The Sears Tower
E. Some hideous Donald Trump thing

68. Where did Katy Perry perform at the Video Music Awards?
A. Atop a golden semi-truck parked in Greenpoint
B. At Madison Square Garden
C. On the playground of a Park Slope elementary school
D. In Brooklyn Bridge Park, under the bridge
E. In outer space

69. Where did Max Zahn meditate for several weeks in July, as part of a nonviolent protest?
A. Outside Macy’s
B. Outside AIG headquarters
C. Outside Goldman Sachs headquarters
D. Nested in Donald Trump’s hair
E. In the lobby of Bank of America Tower

70. How tall is the New York Knicks’ Italian import Andrea Bargnani?
A. Six foot four
B. Six foot five
C. Six foot seven
D. Seven feet
E. Seven foot two

71. What interactive exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art had people waiting in hours-long lines all summer?
A. The “Rain Room,” which let visitors stay dry while walking through a simulated rainstorm
B. The “Earth Room,” containing 250 cubic yards of dirt worth more than $1 million
C. An exhibition of punk-inspired couture
D. A collection of independent video games
E. A roomful of paintings made by cats

72. According to Mark Halperin and John Heilemann’s 2013 book Double Down, what was the Mitt Romney campaign’s code name for Chris Christie during the 2012 GOP primaries?
A. Prickly Pear
B. Pufferfish
C. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
D. Quarter Pounder with Cheese
E. Kate Moss

73. In September, NYPD officers attempted to shoot Glenn Broadnax, who was jumping in front of traffic. Instead, they hit two women, both innocent bystanders. Who was criminally charged?
A. One police officer
B. Two police officers
C. Glenn Broadnax
D. Donald Trump
E. No one

74. What did Anthony Weiner sexting partner Sydney Leathers announce in November that she’d be auctioning off?
A. Her virginity
B. The Blackberry on which many of the illicit texts are still stored
C. Her excess labia, which will be removed during a “rejuvenation” procedure
D. The last shred of her goddamn dignity
E. All of the above

75. After Times Square performer Dan Sandler, better known as the “anti-Semitic Elmo,” was sentenced to one year in prison for trying to extort the Girl Scouts, what was his explanation?
A. “Those cookie prices are highway robbery, and I’m not sorry at all.”
B. “The Girl Scouts were trying to control my mind. Through those cookies.”
C. “I believe they are a very corrupt organization because of their relationship to the pharmaceutical industry.”
D. “The Jews are responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world! I hate the Jews!”
E. “Now Elmo pissed.”

76. How did unhappy businesses and agencies try to discourage drunken SantaCon revelers?
A. The Long Island Railroad instituted a 24-hour booze ban
B. Nine Manhattan politicians issued a statement announcing their plans to “rein in the annual scourge known as SantaCon”
C. The NYPD encouraged bars not to serve Santa-clad patrons
D. A poster campaign declared the Lower East Side to be a “SantaCon-free zone”
E. All of the above

77. It was announced this year that cell phone coverage is expected at all 277 underground subway stations by ___________.
A. Mid-2014
B. 2016
C. 2017
D. 2020
E. Never, please say never, God help us all

78. Whose campaign spokesperson appeared as a recurring character on Girls?
A. Jessica Proud, Joe Lhota campaign
B. Audrey Gelman, Scott Stringer campaign
C. Barbara Morgan, Anthony Weiner campaign
D. Robert Ryan, John Catsimatidis campaign
E. Dan Levitan, de Blasio campaign

79. Which of the following terms did Weiner campaign spokeswoman Barbara Morgan not use to describe former intern Olivia Nuzzi, during what she believed was an off-the-record conversation with Talking Points Memo’s Hunter Walker?
A. Bitch
B. Twat
C. Cunt
D. Slutbag
E. She said all those things

80. Which of these puns did the de Blasio campaign adopt to go along with its successful campaign ad featuring afro’ed de Blasio son Dante?
A. “Fro-ward!”
B. “Go with the fro.”
C. “A New York City fro all of us.”
D. “A tale of two hairstyles.”
E. “Reach fro the stars!”

81. What are the names of the adorable kittens whose rescue from the subway train tracks in August set off a debate about which mayoral candidates (Joe Lhota) wouldn’t have halted the trains to save them?
A. Arthur and August
B. Milo and Anthony
C. Archie and Angela
D. Sunkist and Dobby
E. Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers

82. How much did two enterprising fellows in East New York charge people to look at a beaver Banksy stenciled on a wall at 274 Bradford Street?
A. $5
B. $10
C. $20
D. $50
E. Three beaver pelts

83. In September, the Environmental Protection Agency released its final plan to clean up the Gowanus Canal. How long is it expected to take, and how much will it cost?
A. One year and $1 million
B. Three years and $5.5 million
C. Five years and $15 million
D. Eight years and $250 million
E. 10 years and $550 million

84. How many shipwrecks does the EPA estimate are at the bottom of the Gowanus Canal (which is impossible to see, owing to pollution)?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
E. Five

85. Which diseases could you potentially contract from drinking the water in the Gowanus, according to Popular Science’s Dan Nosowitz?
A. Dysentery
B. Arsenic poisoning
C. Copper poisoning
D. Cancer
E. All of the above

86. What color are the new taxis that serve the non-Manhattan boroughs?
A. Red
B. Orange
C. Green
D. Yellow, because all cabs are required to take you to the outer boroughs
E. What new cabs?

87. What celebrity appeared in the Kickstarter video for Marina Abramovic’s new institute, the Marina Abramovic Institute?
A. Isabella Rossellini
B. David Lynch
C. Cyndi Lauper
D. Lady Gaga
E. All of the above

88. To which state did comedian Lewis Black address a hearty “fuck you!” in an exuberant, New York-proud segment on the Daily Show this summer?
A. Texas
B. California
C. Alabama
D. Nebraska
E. Pennsylvania

89. What Brooklyn arts space abruptly closed in October?
A. The Brooklyn Flea
B. Castle Braid
C. 3rd Ward
D. Hipster Haven
E. Pierogi

90. In another bad development for the city’s arts, what beloved institution went bankrupt and closed its doors after 70 years?
A. The Queens Museum of Art
B. Carnegie Hall
C. El Museo del Barrio
D. The New York City Opera
E. Wave Hill

91. Name the New York Congressional representative(s) arrested in Washington, D.C., protesting for comprehensive immigration reform.
A. Nydia Velázquez
B. Hakeem Jeffries
C. Joe Crowley
D. Charlie Rangel
E. C and D

92. Which two department stores have been accused of racial profiling by black customers?
A. Nordstrom and Barneys
B. Barneys and Macy’s
C. Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys
D. Macy’s and Lord & Taylor
E. Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom

93. An analysis by the New York Civil Liberties Union revealed that the NYPD has performed how many stop-and-frisks on innocent New Yorkers since 2002?
A. 1 million
B. 2 million
C. 3 million
D. 4 million
E. 5 million

94. What proportion of people who are stopped and frisked are innocent, according to the NYCLU analysis?
A. One out of two
B. Three out of four
C. Two out of three
D. Nine out of 10
E. All of them

95. Activists for what cause crashed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s birthday party at the Roseland Ballroom?
A. Anti-fracking
B. Anti-abortion
C. Pro-abortion
D. Anti-hunting
E. Pro-birthday party

96. How did conservative talking head Glenn Beck suggest New York state residents respond to Bill de Blasio’s election as mayor of New York City?
A. They should all put on their anti-Communist hats and squeeze their eyes shut
B. The state government should order a recount
C. The state should secede from the city
D. Armed revolution
E. We all have a calm, rational discussion about it

97. What beloved Coney Island ride was dismantled just before the July 4 weekend for being potentially unstable?
A. The Wonder Wheel
B. The Cyclone
C. The parachute jump
D. The Astrotower
E. The carousel

98. How much was an eBay user asking for the Banksy issue of the Village Voice?
A. $5
B. $10
C. $20
D. $100
E. $200

99. A campaign is underway to rename a Brooklyn street after what famous rapper?
A. KRS-One
B. Notorious B.I.G.
C. 50 Cent
D. Ja Rule
E. Big Pun

100. What was named after late Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch?
A. A yacht
B. A street
C. A subway stop
D. A gazebo in Central Park
E. A park and playground