Fashion Week: MESKITA Favors Neoprene, Pants Not So Much


Alessandra Meskita, Sao Paulo native, has long been glamming-up the bathing suit with designs she began crafting at 15-years-old.

Last night, in the middle of a snowstorm that shook the tents themselves but — never fear — didn’t manage to deplete the appearance of stilettos and waxed-down bare legs, she made her NYFW debut, presenting her namesake brand’s fall/winter line.

It’s well known that during Fashion Week, Lincoln Center has tighter security than many small airports. But last night’s designated people-herders seemed particularly surly as they ensured the safety and front row comfort of sub-celebs like Jesse Metcalfe, pageant queens Erin Brady and Cassidy Wolf, and Hofit Golan, out to bolster her status as “Israel’s Paris Hilton.” Blame it on the snow.

The collection itself was more about raw power than anything as perfunctory as crowd control.

We could easily imagine the ultra-modern, paneled and structured business wear in the closet of Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood on House of Cards. Meskita claims to have been inspired by the 100-year anniversary of Beverly Hills — an aesthetic we didn’t really get from the subdued midnight blue, crimson, and mauve color palate.

She also cited the Chinese zodiac Year of the Horse — an aesthetic we totally got, but maybe only because the pounding electronica soundtrack was punctuated with high-pitched neighing every now and then.

With leather bodices abounding and no-nonsense designs that borrowed a whole lot of neoprene from the world of sportswear, we’re all for this focus on feminine ambition, we just might suggest that some of the sparser clad models put on a pair of pants before going to the office.

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